More reasons to attend the 501F meeting, now only five weeks away

Russ Snyder, president and chairman of the 501F Users Group Inc, called only minutes after last week’s CCJ ONsite hit computer screens around the globe to provide some details omitted from the compressor portion of the 2016 conference program. Recall that the user-controlled organization’s meeting will be held February 21-25 at the La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Tex.

Compressors are a hot topic at every user-group meeting focusing on F-class and other advanced frames. Regarding the 501F, most owner/operators will recall, for example, the compressor through-bolt failures experienced in the fleet only a couple of years ago.

Snyder said the compressor session in San Antonio will include the following topics:

      • Review of 2014 and 2015 NetMeeting topics and service bulletins.

      • Thermal performance upgrades and experience with Packages A and C (IGV angle, new honeycomb seals for Rows 7-15, R16 blades, locking hardware).

      • Compressor diaphragm inner seal box loosening.

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