[New Case Study] Digital solutions increase flexibility and boost income

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Shenhau Guohua’s Beijing gas-fired plant, known for its early adoption of technology, is at the forefront of technological advances with AI solutions

Digital upgrades expand Bandirma-1’s ability to profit from ancillary services.
Increased penetration from renewable energy is a reality for most power generators, including those in Turkey. Bandirma-1 Combined Cycle Power Plant faced challenges from this penetration. The plant operators enlisted several digital solutions that increased the plant’s flexibility and ability to generate additional revenue from ancillary service markets. Learn how the plant:

  • Earned an average of 650,000 USD in additional annual income from ancillary service markets.

  • Saved 230,000 USD annually from reduced fuel consumption.

Download this case study or watch the video to learn how digital solutions turned this plant into a smarter power plant and increased profitability.

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