NV Energy, Duke help launch the Generator Users Group

The first annual meeting of the Generator Users Group (GUG), held Nov 4-5, 2015 in NV Energy’s Beltway Complex and Conference Center, welcomed 70 participants and featured 20 presentations. The speakers, including four IEEE Fellows and one ASME Fellow, each were expert in their field, several having world-wide reputations.


CCJ ONsite’s coverage of the event, compiled by IEEE Fellow Clyde V Maughan, president, Maughan Generator Consultants, is divided into the following four subject areas:

Summaries of the presentations in the first two sessions are included in this edition; those in the third and fourth sessions will be published next week. Presentation/discussion topics of high interest among the plant owners and operators in attendance included the following:

      • Back-of-core burning and failures caused by iron melting at the bottom of winding slots (recap).

      • Widespread partial-discharge (PD) damage on modern stator windings (recap).

      • PD damage and winding failure of global vacuum pressure impregnated stator (GVPI) windings (recap).

      • Problems related to severe cracking of rotor forgings (recap).

      • Rotor-winding fatigue cracking and thermal sensitivity issues (recap).

      • Challenges associated with the operation and maintenance (O&M) of modern excitation systems (recap).

      • Catastrophic failures associated with inadequate ground protection relaying on stator and/or field windings (recap).

      • Problems associated with deficient O&M practices for water-cooled stator-winding cooling systems (recap).

      • Potentially catastrophic dangers associated with inadequate O&M of generator hydrogen cooling systems (recap).

Kevin, Kent, Clyde

Kevin Geraghty, VP generation for NV Energy (left), accepts the Generator User Group’s Industry Leadership Award from Chairman Kent Smith of Duke Energy for the Nevada utility’s proactive role in the launch of the new organization. NV Energy is a dedicated supporter of user groups. Seven years ago, the company launched the ACC Users Group, which typically attracts more than 100 participants to its annual meetings. Today, its engineers serve on the steering committees of GUG, CTOTF, ACC Users Group, Combined Cycle Users Group, and Steam Turbine Users Group.

Clyde V Maughan (right), technical advisor to the steering committee, is recognized by Chairman Kent Smith for a “lifetime of sharing selflessly his extensive knowledge in the design, operation, and maintenance of electric generators.”

Additionally, in recognition of quality deficiencies associated with new generator production over the last four decades, two major generator manufacturers—GE and Siemens Energy—were invited to present on design and manufacturing efforts directed at producing high-reliability generators. These presentations were responsive to the request and were followed by intense and helpful discussion.

All 20 presentations summarized in this week’s, and next week’s, CCJ ONsite can be accessed online at the website maintained by the International Generator Technical Community (IGTC).

GUG steering committee

Chair: Kent N Smith, Duke Energy
Vice Chair: Ryan Harrison, ATCO Power (Canada)
Leopoldo Duque Balderas, COMEGO (Mexico)
John Demcko, APS
Dave Fischli, Duke Energy
Joe Riebau, Constellation, an Exelon company
Jagadeesh (JD) Srirama, NV Energy


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