Plan ahead: ACC Users Group’s 10th annual meeting, October 8-11, Colorado Springs

The independent Air-Cooled Condenser (ACC) Users Group, chaired by Dr Andrew Howell of EPRI, holds its 10th annual meeting at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colo, Oct 8-11, 2018. The meeting kicks off with a reception on Monday evening and concludes with tours of the ACC-equipped Front Range Power Plant and the hybrid-cooled Unit 3 at Comanche Generating Station on Thursday. Register today! 

The preliminary agenda posted by Chairman Howell, who recently retired from Xcel Energy as senior systems chemist, highlights the following presentations and panel discussions:

    • Dry cooling enhanced-performance research projects.

    • Windscreen effects on data, before and after installation, and comparison with CFD.

    • Dominion Energy’s wildlife exclusion system.

    • Induced-draft technology for ACCs.

    • El Segundo Energy Center’s air-cooled heat exchangers.

    • Ft Nelson’s experience with a stainless-steel ACC.

    • Status review: Film-forming substances.

    • Retrofit options: wet/dry and dry/wet.

    • Panel discussion: Air inleakage.

    • Panel discussion: Cleaning of finned tubes.

Annual meetings of the ACC Users Group typically attract about a hundred users, consultants, and equipment/services providers. The editors believe it is the only user-directed conference in the Americas dedicated to air-cooled condensers, which are an increasingly important option for new plants. Water conservation is necessary in many regions of the country.

Hoc Phung, principal project engineer at PG&E; Dr Barry Dooley, senior associate at Structural Integrity Associates Inc; Dave Rettke, a maintenance specialist at NV Energy; Oscar Hernandez, manager of corporate engineering; and Dominion Energy’s Corporate Engineer Riad Dandan round out the organization’s steering committee and guide discussions on chemistry and corrosion, design and performance, operation, and maintenance.

For answers to questions on sponsorship opportunities, registration, etc, contact Sheila Vashi of SV Events. 

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