Progress reported on development of new IAPWS technical guidance documents

The Power Plant Chemistry (PPC) working group of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) met in closed sessions at the recently concluded IAPWS annual meeting (Aug 27 – Sept 1, 2017, Kyoto, Japan), to advance the development of several new technical guidance documents (TGDs).

IAPWS (pronounced eye-apps) Executive Secretary Dr R Barry Dooley of Structural Integrity Associates Inc, well known to the global power-generation community, called CCJ ONsite’s editorial offices to say that the TGDs in development include the following:

      • Demineralized-water requirements.

      • Effects of air in-leakage into steam/water cycles.

      • Use of film-forming amines and products.

He added that while considerable progress was made on these documents it was not possible to predict release dates at this time. Dooley suggested that powerplant owner/operators review the eight TGDs currently available free-of-charge on the organization’s website. They offer a wealth of practical information on topics such as steam purity for turbine operation, phosphate and sodium hydroxide treatments for steam/water circuits of drum-type boilers, instrumentation for monitoring cycle chemistry, how to measure carryover of boiler water into steam, etc.

A white paper on corrosion-product sampling for plants in flexible operation was presented at the meeting. Also, a symposium on “Water and Steam: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability” incorporated several presentations focusing on the integration of advanced thermal powerplants into renewable energy infrastructure through coal gasification, CO2 capture, and ultra-supercritical power cycles. Included was discussion on the modeling and design of turbine stages to accommodate wet steam.

By way of background, the primary purpose of the annual IAPWS meetings is to connect researchers and scientists with the engineers who use their information. The free-flowing exchange provides researchers with guidance on topical industry problems and the engineers with the latest research results. Areas of technology addressed by IAPWS of greatest interest to electricity producers are powerplant chemistry, power cycles with CO2 capture and storage, and combined heat and power systems—including district heating.

The conference just concluded attracted 102 scientists and engineers from 13 countries. The next meeting will be in Prague, Czech Republic, Sept 2 – 7, 2018. Dooley reminds that you do not have to be a citizen or resident of a member country (see list on website) to participate in IAPWS activities.

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