PSM R2 blade solution

PSM, respected for its durable, OEM-alternative F-class combustion and turbine components, conducted a rapid-fire presentation on its R2 blade solution summarized by the following bullet points:

  • PSM conducted RCA investigations on three of the four blades that failed in 2010. All had the OEM’s undercut mod and had failed after the first repair cycle, as noted above. Conclusion: The undercut mod was insufficient to fix the problem; the location of the trailing-edge pedestal would still drive unacceptably high stress concentrations. Crack initiation can be expected before 500 cycles.

[Editor’s note: Important to remember is that PSM’s conclusions are based on analysis of the OEM’s “Current” blade design and that they may not be valid for the Siemens “Advanced” blade design now being offered.]

  • PSM said its original R2 blade has an optimized trailing-edge pedestal arrangement and an undercut extending beyond the airfoil trailing edge, which reduces stress levels to acceptable levels. The company representative added that PSM has installed sets of these blades in more than 20 gas turbines and they have a demonstrated a 24,000-hr repair interval.


  • The supplier’s “Improved” R2 blade is said to incorporate additional optimized geometric modifications and some tailored cooling augmentation, the details of which are patent pending. These blades, already installed in operating units, are available for commercial sale as three-interval-life parts.
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