Pratt & Whitney FT-4 roundtable discussion

Safety best practice: Lone Person Down

The Pratt & Whitney Roundtable focused mostly on the FT-4. New Session Chair Jeff Paul, CalPeak Power’s Starwood Power Midway, hit the ground running with a presentation on CalPeak’s “Lone Person Down” program. The project had one main goal: Aid in the detection of an injured worker, thereby minimizing the response time for emergency crews. The equipment installed has improved the company’s ability to monitor each of its facilities and react to adverse conditions.

A key component in the safety alert system is a four-channel phone dialer by Sensaphone, which takes the alarm outputs and makes notifications. Installation of the phone dialer is relatively simple, as is programming with custom messages to identify the facility and alarm channels. The unit comes preconfigured to monitor loss of power, high ambient temperature, and abnormal/high noise. It also has a remote listening feature.

Personnel monitoring is by way of a Grace Industries Inc T-Pass HP II transmitter and MS-900-DC receiver. The transmitter operates on a single 9-V battery. CalPeak sets its transmitters to provide a warning if the Lone Person is stationary for 45 sec and alarm if there’s no movement at 60 sec.

Control upgrades improve operational flexibility

Scott Taylor, principal development engineer, and Scott Flugam, senior controls engineer, from the Controls Solutions division of ProEnergy in Fort Collins, CO, presented on controls upgrade solutions for the FT-4.

ProEnergy offers a standard controls upgrade using any open-source plc system for greater operational flexibility. Their preferred platform is Allen-Bradley because all of its controls are deterministic, and it provides the end-user with ability to modify software down the road. User consensus is they like the consistency of Allen-Bradley along with its commonality of parts.

A typical sequencer/fuel control upgrade features A-B ControlLogix 5000 hardware, A-B Factory Talk HMI, and installation of Woodward fuel valves. A variety of custom solutions are available for end users, including:

• Vibration system replacement

• Chip detector replacement

• Anti-icing control

• Water wash control

• Water injection control

• Evaporative cooling control

• Dual fuel control

• Interface to DCS, RTU, AGC, Historian and other systems

• MCC replacement

• Transducer upgrades

• Turnkey engineering.

Other FT-4 user discussion topics included the following:

•Upgrade of HMI servers because of potential cyber compliance issues

•Replacement of fire protection system

•Issues with TT7 alarms

•T-duct cracking

•Problems with units “hiding” oil

•Vitec Inc vibration monitoring upgrades

•Seal issues in main gearbox

•Windmilling issues solved with SSS clutches

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