How to solve brush and brush holder problems

Cutsforth Inc’s Mike Biroschak conducted a short clinic on common brush and brush holder problems and how to deal with them. He closed out his presentation with a solution for bearing wear and tear caused by ineffective shaft grounding systems.

Biroschak began by saying that the buildup of carbon deposits in brush holders is the primary cause of collector-ring fires. The buildup of small mounds of carbon inside the brush holder is one cause of brush hang-up. Carbon particles are produced by the repetitive impacting of the brush against the holder wall. Such buildup is difficult for maintenance personnel to see but it can be identified from marks made in the side of the brush.

Brush binding is another cause of holder-related restriction. It is caused by the brush dragging against the side of the holder. Angular pressure increases the likelihood that the brush will become stuck in its holder. Where the brush box is shorter than the brush it holds, a ledge can develop in the brush and cause it to hang up.

Worn, damaged, or broken springs lose some or all of their tension and cause brush wear and out-of-round rings. Too much spring tension can increase brush wear but not mechanical wear of the ring. Biroschak pointed out that most springs are attached to the back plate of the brush holder and cannot be changed without a shutdown. That is not the case with the Cutsforth solution.



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