Tap into Mexico’s extensive ACC experience at upcoming user-group meeting

Only six weeks from now, the Air-Cooled Condenser Users Group hosts its 2019 Conference at the Grand Fiesta Americana Hotel in Queretaro, Mexico—the organization’s first meeting outside the United States since its founding 11 years ago. Register today for the October 21-24 conference at the discounted early-registration fee of $295 for users. This offer ends September 20; after that the fee is $345.

Chairman Andy Howell called the editors last week to review the technical agenda (preliminary). Sessions begin Tuesday, October 22, following a reception Monday evening, and run through Wednesday afternoon. The meeting concludes Thursday with a tour of an ACC installation conducted by utility sponsor Savvi Energia.

Vendor sponsors include Germany’s ENEXIO and the UK’s Howden.

The meeting is divided into four sections: chemistry and corrosion, design and performance, operations and maintenance, and documents of importance to ACC owner/operators. Planned presentations and discussion include the following:

Chemistry and corrosion

    • Review/overview of ACC chemistry and corrosion by Structural Integrity’s Barry Dooley, a member of the steering committee.

    • Saavi Energy’s chemistry program by Oscar Hernandez, a member of the steering committee.

    • Finned-tube cleaning and external corrosion.

Design and performance

    • Review of ACC fleet performance.

    • Hybrid cooling options and approaches.

    • ACC improvements/optimization.

    • Comparison of forced- versus induced-draft direct-cooled ACCs.

    • Direct-drive motors for ACC fans.

    • CFD evaluation for an operating ACC.

    • Low-temperature thermal storage for ACCs.

Operations and maintenance

    • Maintenance of induced-draft ACCs.

    • Software to indicate ACC fouling and the need to clean.

    • Air in-leakage testing.

    • Evaluation of windscreen effects on ACC performance.

Documents discussion

    • Air in-leakage.

    • External inspection of ACCs.

    • IAPWS Technical Guidance Documents.

    • 02: Guidelines for finned-tube cleaning in ACCs.

    • Flow-accelerated corrosion in steam generating plants.

    • 01: Guidelines for internal inspection of ACCs.

    • Corrosion in ACCs: Understanding and mitigating the mechanisms.

By way of background, NV Energy and the editors of CCJ ONsite collaborated on the formation of the ACC Users Group in 2009 with the goal of expanding the information exchange on air-cooled condensers to problematic mechanical components, field modifications to correct performance deficiencies, control algorithms to reduce power consumption, water chemistry to reduce corrosion, etc. At that time, NV Energy had more dry-cooling cells than any other owner/operator in the country.

If you have never attended an ACC Users Group meeting and want to sample the content, consider accessing CCJ’s overview of last year’s meeting and then following that up with technical details included in the various presentations available on the group’s website at www.acc-usersgroup.org.

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