TICA offers gas-turbine users complimentary membership

Don Punwani, executive director of the Turbine Inlet Cooling Assn, called last week with an update on TICA activities. Three headline items:

1. Complimentary membership in the association is being offered to gas-turbine owner/operators for a period of at least one year for users who sign up by June 30, 2016. That’s a saving of from $500 to $1000 off the normal annual membership fee, depending on the business category of the GT owner/operator.

TICA is a non-profit trade association that promotes the worldwide development and exchange of knowledge related to turbine inlet cooling for enhancing power generation. The current membership of 57 organizations includes 29 GT owners and operators. Benefits of user membership include the handy TICA performance calculator, installation database, and access to experts on all inlet-cooling technologies via the group’s forum.

Suppliers of TIC products and services considering membership can access the benefits of participation on the group’s website.

Rodney Kohler

   Rodney Kohler

2. The 2016 officers and directors, headed by Chairman Rodney Kohler, Caldwell Energy, a familiar face at gas-turbine user-group meetings, include the following: Vice Chair Steven Good, Danfoss Corp; President Chris Mincey, Crom Corp; VP Andrew Sickler, Baltimore Aircoil; Secretary Guy Frankenfield, DN Tanks; Treasurer Patricia Graef, Munters Corp. 

Users wanting to learn more about TICA can visit with Chairman Kohler at the Caldwell Energy booth during the upcoming Western Turbine Users (Booth 407), CTOTF, and 7F Users conferences, and still sign up before the June 30 deadline for complimentary membership.

3. TICA also is represented on LinkedIn, enabling those not yet registered with the group to start discussions and get answers to questions on turbine inlet cooling.

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