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501F logoOwner/operators of Siemens 501F gas turbines had the opportunity to learn about the OEM’s products, services, and upgrades for their engines at the recent Siemens Customer Conference on F, G, and H Technology (September 18-22, Orlando). Early next year they can see what approximately 100 of the other companies serving this fleet have to offer by attending the independent 501F Users Group’s annual conference at the Peppermill Reno (Nev), February 19-23.

This is a particularly important meeting for 501F owner/operators because it includes significant participation by industry heavyweights GE Power, Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPSA), PSM, and Sulzer. Taken together, their capabilities likely are comparable to Siemens’. Russ Snyder, the all-volunteer organization’s chairman, points out that this will be GE’s first participation in a 501F Users Group conference and its presentation will describe the company’s capabilities regarding 501F parts, repairs, outage services, and upgrades. Recall that these new offerings result from the recent merger between GE and Alstom.

The major players are known for their big-shop and full-service overhaul capabilities. The other vendor-fair participants typically provide specialized products and services and have the option of making 15-, 30-, or 50-min formal presentations about them during the “Vendorama” program from 9:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. on Day One of the meeting. The vendor fair will open at 4:30 p.m. and go through 7:30.

Last February (2016), 94 companies showcased their offerings in the exhibition hall. Nearly half of those vendors participated in Vendorama (six presentations conducted in parallel in each of seven time slots). Vendorama presentations provide users a superior learning experience, most offering owners engine reliability/availability benefits when implemented. This is the most robust forum of its type offered by the gas-turbine user-group community. Subject matter included the following:

      • HRSG repair strategies.

      • Lube-oil varnish mitigation.

      • Impact of fast starts and cycling on NOx and CO catalyst performance.

      • The importance of effective turbine insulation.

      • Expansion joints and penetration seals.

      • Component enhancements by third-party vendors to extend life and improve performance—such as more effective cooling of turbine airfoils.

      • Combustion dynamics measurements and combustion tuning.

      • Aeropac experience and solutions.

      • More effective filtration of compressor inlet air.

      • Eliminating brush-holder and collector-ring problems.

      • Silencers—inlet and exhaust.

      • How to ensure an effective borescope inspection.

      • Performance enhancement by fogging and wet compression.

      • Bearing inspection and refurbishment.

      • Valve inspection and servicing.

      • Eliminating trips on fuel transfers.

Vendor registration. The list above illustrates the diversity of products and services of interest to 501F users. It’s important at this time to consider your company’s participation in the 2017 conference given vendor registration opened October 6 and abstracts of possible Vendorama presentations can be submitted now for review by the board of directors (sidebar). Act quickly to ensure participation.

Chairman Snyder told the editors the registration process has been moved online; no more paper forms and no more waiting for information from the conference organizers. Also, the group’s activities now are coordinated by Square One Meeting Planning, headed by Tammy Faust, who pointed out the following benefits of online registration:

      • Immediate sign-up, booth selection, and payment.

      • Application to participate in Vendorama and ability to upload presentation title and abstract.

      • Choose sponsorship packages.

      • Sign up for Monday meals and optional offsite events.

      • Obtain confirmation and receipts using print and email options.

      • Ability to modify your company’s registration and add additional booth personnel.

To begin, visit the 501F conference vendor registration website for more information on opportunities available to your company. Step 2: Register to participate as a vendor.

Questions? Contact Square One’s Jacki Bennis (jacki@somp.co, 843-856-5150, Ext 2).

User registration is expected to go live on or about November 1. Stay tuned to the organization’s website for information on the meeting. Snyder said the lineup of roundtable presentation/discussion topics will be the same as the last several years (rotor, combustor, hot gas section, inlet and exhaust, compressor, generator, and auxiliaries) with at least one addition: Outage experiences.

Given the many options 501F users now have for outage services, this roundtable is expected to generate great participation and interest, the chairman continued. Subject matter will include borescope services, outage contractors, scope, schedule performance, discovery work, parts and service quality, labor resources, tools, outage reports, and more.

With hours and starts piling up on 501F engines, owner/operators of units about 15 or more years out from COD become concerned about rotor mortality. What to do? Snyder said the board of directors will be encouraging discussion of rotor-shop service options in Reno and has invited presentations by GE, MHPSA, PSM, and Sulzer so users can compare vendor offerings.

501F Users Group Inc

Board of directors and officers

Chairman of the board and president: Russ Snyder, GM southern gas fleet, Cleco Power LLC
Vice chairman of the board: Paul Tegen, chief CT/I&C engineer, Cogentrix Energy Power Management LLC
Director and secretary: Carey Frost, 501F program manager, Duke Energy
Director: Arlen Morris, principal engineer, Florida Power & Light Co
Director: David Lucas, managing director of gas plants, PacifiCorp Energy
Director: John Burke, O&M manager, LSP-Cottage Grove (NAES)
Director: Ramon Gonzalez Recio, main equipment engineer, Falcon Group (Mexico)
Director: Blaine Gartner, principal engineer for technical resources and compliance, Xcel Energy
Director: Jeff Parker, engineer, Desert Basin Generating Station (SRP)
IT officer: Dave Gundry, Xcel Energy

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