Western Turbine 2018: Get involved! Registration opens today, November 1

WTUI LM6000 Breakout Chair Andrew Gundershaug, plant manager of Calpine Corp’s NORCAL Peakers, is always a step ahead. On Monday he sent a note welcoming participation of LM6000 owner/operators in the upcoming meeting, March 18 – 21 in Palm Springs, Calif (Renaissance Hotel/Convention Center). Registration opens today.

If you haven’t attended previously, know that this is the world’s largest gathering of LM6000 users and a not-to-miss event in the minds of the editors. Conference programs of this type thrive on attendee participation. There’s no commercial bent to user content, it’s all about problem/solution, what worked for us/what didn’t, best practices, lessons learned, etc.

Gundershaug is looking for your input to assure a superior learning experience for all participants. You can help by submitting your ideas to him in a short email. Examples of what he hopes you would consider providing include the following:

      • Questions on engine-specific issues to discuss in an open forum.

      • Best practices/lessons learned to share with colleagues. These can be small/simple topics (perhaps solutions to big problems) requiring as few as one or two slides to describe that you think fellow users would find helpful.

      • A short presentation (15 minutes or less) on a project you completed in the last year or so and can speak to its success (or not) and possible value to others.

Presentation suggestions provided by Gundershaug included these:

      • Lube-oil contamination (particulates and/or water) and remediation techniques.

      • Troubleshooting and fixing spurious flame-detector alarms.

      • Repair techniques for speed-probe oil leaks.

      • How to inspect and test igniters.

      • How to diagnose and repair VBV worn/broken door-hinge bushings.

      • Variable-bleed-valve expansion-joint best practices.

      • Exhaust diffuser crack remediation.

      • Sump-sucker update.

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