WTUI 2020: President’s Welcome Message

On behalf of the board of directors, officers, breakout-session chairs, and support staff, welcome to the 30th anniversary of the Western Turbine Users conference.

In the late 1980s, a handful of brave investors purchased some early model LM2500 and LM5000 gas turbines for service in California. Their operations and maintenance personnel quickly realized the common issues and advantages of the LM engine, gathering in small groups to compare experiences and provide solutions to present to the OEM.  

Western Turbine Users was born. Incorporating in 1990, the small group of plant representatives grew to 50, doubled to 100, then 500, and now is over 1000 members strong. Be proud to associate with our organization’s legacy, rich history, and worldwide influence as you collaborate with other industry professionals. Little did our predecessors imagine their forethought would result in something as meaningful, relevant, and influential as WTUI.   

Join me in celebrating 30 years of the evolving General Electric aeroderivative gas turbine industry. Users like you have challenged equipment suppliers to improve their products, as we demand new uses and extend the lives of our gas turbines and all support equipment. As a WTUI member, your conference contribution is the root to our success. You are a vital element of the volunteer organization as we move forward. 

Chuck Casey

President, WTUI
Utility Generation Manager
Riverside Public Utilities

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