WTUI celebrates 30 years of service to the industry

A history of the Western Turbine Users Inc, the world’s largest independent organization for gas-turbine owner/operators was published by CCJ and distributed at the organization’s 25th anniversary meeting at the Long Beach Convention Center, March 15-18, 2015. You can access this special publication via the links below.

Major contributors to the commemorative publication included Wayne Kawamoto, then WTUI treasurer and plant manager of Corona Cogen; Mike Raaker, WTUI’s historian and ambassador, and president of Raaker Services LLC; Sal DellaVilla, CEO of Strategic Power Systems Inc; Mark Axford, president of Axford Turbine Consultants LLC; Jason Makansi, president of Pearl Street; and Steve Johnson, president of SJ Turbine Inc.

1. Before incorporation, Mike Raaker

2. After incorporation, Sal DellaVilla

3. Legislative drivers of GT technology, Jason Makansi

4. The LM engines, Team GE

5. A turbine salesman remembers, Mark Axford

6. WTUI’s place in gas-turbine, power-industry history, Wayne Kawamoto and Mike Raaker

7. Aero engine portfolio highlights, Team GE

8. Profiles of the authorized service providers: ANZGT, TCT, IHI, MTU, provided by the ASPs

9. User remembrances, Team CCJ

10. Vendor remembrances, Team CCJ

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