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LM Engine Common Acronyms

Keep this list of acronyms nearby during WTUI’s 2021 virtual conference. You’ll find that most speakers talk in “shorthand,” using acronyms freely. If you’re not up to snuff on your aero lingo you can get lost in a hurry and possibly miss key points. The “cheat sheet” that follows can help you remain focused.

AGB—Accessory gearbox (also called the transfer gearbox)

AVR—Automatic voltage regulator

CCM—Condition maintenance manual

CCR—Customized customer repair

CDP—Compressor discharge port

CFF—Compressor front frame

COD—Commercial operating date

CPLM—Critical-parts life management

CRF—Compressor rear frame

CWC—Customer web center (GE)

DEL—Deleted part

DLE—Dry, low emissions combustor

DOD—Domestic object damage

EM—Engine manual

FFA—Front frame assembly

FOD—Foreign object damage

FPI—Fluorescent penetrant inspection

FSNL—Full speed, no load

GG—Gas generator (consists of the compressor and hot sections only)

GT—Gas turbine (consists of the gas generator pieces with the power turbine attached)

GTA—Gas-turbine assembly

HCF—High-cycle fatigue

HGP—Hot gas path

HPC—High-pressure compressor

HPCR—High-pressure compressor rotor

HPCS—High-pressure compressor stator

HPT—High-pressure turbine

HPTN—High-pressure turbine nozzle

HPTR—High-pressure turbine rotor

IGB—Inlet gearbox

IGV—Inlet guide vane

IPT—Intermediate-pressure turbine (LMS100)

IRM—Industrial repair manual

LM—Land and marine

LCF—Low-cycle fatigue

LO—Lube oil

LPC—Low-pressure compressor (not on LM2500; just LM5000 and LM6000)

LPCR—Low-pressure compressor rotor

LPCS—Low-pressure compressor stator

LPT—Low-pressure turbine

LPTR—Low-pressure turbine rotor

LPTS—Low-pressure turbine stator

MCD—Magnetic chip detector

MOH—Major overhaul

NGV—Nozzle guide vane

OEM—Original equipment manufacturer

PN—Part number

PT—Power turbine (turns a generator, pump, compressor, propeller, etc)

PtAl—Platinum aluminide

RCA—Root cause analysis

RDS—Radial drive shaft

RFQ—Request for quote

RPL—Replaced part

SAC—Single annular combustor

SB—Service bulletin

SL—Service letter

SUP—Superseded part

STIG—Steam-injected gas turbine

TA—Technical advisor

TAT—Turnaround time

TAN—Total acid number (lube oil)

TBC—Thermal barrier coating

TGB—Transfer gearbox (also called the accessory gearbox)

TMF—Turbine mid frame and thermal mechanical fatigue

TRF—Turbine rear frame

VBV—Variable bleed valve (not on LM2500; just LM5000 and LM6000)

VBVD—Variable bypass valve doors

VIGV—Variable inlet guide vanes

VSV—Variable stator vane

VSVA—Variable stator-vane actuator

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