2020 Media Kit



2020 Editorial Highlights

Combined Cycle Journal does not operate as other traditional publications do and we do not have a pre-arranged editorial plan for the coming year that we can outline here. This allows us to keep our editorial current, relevant and interesting. That is why our subscribers keep reading it. This also requires a free-flowing calendar. We rarely sacrifice good content for a timely publishing schedule, as you can see.

General  Deadlines for space reservations and materials (subject to change)

Approximate deadlines for space reservation and materials:

#62                December 20, 2019

#63                March 6, 2020

#64                June 12, 2020

#65                September 10, 2020

#66                December 18, 2020                  

General Topics covered in every issue:

Best Practices Awards

Producing power at lowest cost in an environmentally sound manner while maintaining high availability and reliability requires that plant personnel do the “little things” better than the competition. Featured will be a collection of “best practices” gathered from gas-turbine-based plants across the Western Hemisphere

Users Group Roundup information

Our editors have a unique relationship with the users groups in the gas turbine community and attend and report on their many activities and presentations throughout the year.

Plant visits

Advancements in state-of-the-art technology applied to gas-turbine-based generating facilities (simple cycle, cogen, combined cycle) are presented by way of case studies. Plants visited are generally noted for their innovation and for having installed equipment and systems to maximize, to the extent possible, efficiency, reliability, and/or availability and to minimize emissions.

Also: Gas turbines, heat-recovery steam generators, steam turbine/generators, auxiliaries, controls and instrumentation, plant operation and maintenance, emissions control, water treatment, lubrication

2nd  Quarter annual Outage Handbook

The COMBINED CYCLE Journal’s 2020 Outage Handbook will be an important asset in planning plant outages. Successful outages are key to high availability, high reliability, and efficient operation necessary to compete in today’s competitive generation market. The level of success is impacted dramatically by the amount of time invested in planning. This special issue will serve readers all year long.

As we get closer to our deadlines, a detailed editorial plan for the issue is emailed out. If you are not on our list and want to get editorial updates, let Susie know: susie@carahaliosmedia.com

2020 Display Advertising Rates (per issue, US dollars)

Ad size     4/c*      2/c*      B/W

Spread      9095     8846     7569

Full page   5552     5134     4442

2/3 page    4285     3985     3422

½ page      3609     3344     2895

1/3 page    2823     2624     2262

¼ page      2267     2099     1813

1/6 page    1693     1564     1359

* Process colors. Matched and metallic colors extra (see Enhancements below).

  • Inside front cover and back cover: Add 20% to full-page 4/c rate.
  • Inside back cover: Add 10% to full-page 4/c rate.
  • Center spread: Add 10% to 4/c spread rate.

Classified Advertising Rates

* Employment * Services * Tools * Parts * Pre-Owned Equipment *

  • $500 per issue, any color
  • Run ad in 4 issues and receive 4th ad free

Professional Services Card Rates

  • $500 per issue, any color
  • Run card in 4 issues and receive 4th card free –Total cost $1500.


  • Buy all 4 issues in the calendar year and take six percent (6%) off display ad rates.
  • Take 5% off display for payment at time of order. Classified & Professional Services Cards excluded.


  • Matched color: Add $500 to 4/c rate if process colors also required; add $500 to 2/c rate if matched color is     the only color other than black.
  • Metallic color: Add $1000 to 4/c rate if process colors also required; add $1000 to 2/c rate if metallic color is the only color other than black.
  • Design ad service available $100 minimum one-time non-commissionable charge. Must be negotiated on individual basis.
  • Write/design sponsored statement (advertorial) for full page in lieu of supplied advertisement: Add $1500 one-time charge to applicable full-page rate (not commissionable).


  • Billed immediately if prepayment discount option requested; otherwise, billed upon publication. Net 10 days. Payable to PSI Media Inc. Fifteen percent (15%) commission to recognized AAAA agencies only. No agency commissions paid on invoices aged beyond 30 days.
  • Advertiser and advertising agency assume liability for the content of their advertisements and assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the Publisher, and agree to indemnify the Publisher against any expense or loss suffered by reason of such claims.
  • Positioning of advertising is at the discretion of the Publisher except where positions are covered by contract.
  • Cancellations or changes in orders are not accepted after the published closing date.
  • Combined Cycle Journal cannot guarantee client’s expected color without accompanying high quality hard copy color proof.

2020 Advertising Specifications

Advertising materials must be submitted via digital media according to the guidelines presented below. We offer ad copywriting and preparation services.

 Size Specifications

(all dimensions in inches)

  • Trim size: 8 inches wide x 10 7/8 inches deep. Note that live matter must be kept ½ inch from all trim edges.
  • Double-page spread: Specs on request
  • Full page:
    Bleed, 8 1/4 W x 11  
    1/8; non-bleed, 7W x 10
  • Fractional ads:
    2/3 vertical, 4½ W x 10
    ½ horizontal, 6 3/4 W x 4 7/8
    ½ vertical, 3 3/8 W x 10
    ½ island, 4½ W x 7½
    1/3 vertical, 2¼ W x 10
    1/3 square, 4½ W x 4 7/8
    1/3 horizontal, 6 3/4 W x 3¼
    ¼ vertical, 3 3/8 W x 4 7/8
    ¼ horizontal, 6 3/4 W x 2 3/8
    1/6 vertical, 2¼ W x 4 7/8
    1/6 horizontal, 3 3/8 W x 3¼
  • Professional Services ads
    3 3/16 W x 1 7/8


  • We accept CD-ROMs
  • Digitally supplied color ads require a color-accurate proof (e.g., Iris, Kodak Approval, etc.) made from the supplied file—this for color-matching. We cannot guarantee your expected color without a proof.
  • Laser proofs are only acceptable for gray-scale ads.

File format

  • Preferred: PDF/X-1A and TIFF/IT-P1
  • Additional file formats: TIFF, EPS.
  • All fonts in EPS files must be converted to outlines.
  • Any art or production work necessary to complete the preparation of an ad is subject to supplemental charges. Please ask us for a quote.


  • Artwork should be CMYK or gray-scale.
  • Artwork should be at least 300 dpi at 100% size. Line art should be 1200 dpi at 100% size.


  • Type 1 PostScript fonts. Include all fonts (printer and screen).
  • Please use specific fonts for italic and bold (e.g., if using Times, use Times Italic and/or Times Bold fonts, rather than choosing “italic” or “bold” from the style palette).

Send materials to:

Lisa Juncaj
Advertising Sales Manager
P: 914-774-1947

2020 Circulation Demographics  

Total Circulation: 7020 *

Countries served:

USA                      6475

CANADA                  217

Mexico                     116

Rest of World           212     

Circulation Breakout:

  • Generators: Utilities and Merchant Power Plants: 82.3%

Within this group, 77.8% are directly responsible for plant management and plant supervision.

  • Design/construct, Engineering and Consulting Firms: 3.3%
  • Service and Equipment Providers: 8.5%
  • Bonus distribution at user-group conferences, 5.1%
  • Other, including Government and Regulatory: 0.8%

Scott Schwieger, General Manager, COMBINED CYCLE Journal, a publication of PSI Media*

* Publisher’s Sworn Statement

New for 2020: CCJ Custom Sponsorship Opportunities

Platinum Power Sponsors (2 available)

Price: $40,000, payable in 4 quarterly installments

Blend of sponsored and customized editorial with a variety of print and digital advertising for a full-fledged, year-long marketing effort focused on the gas-turbine-powered electric generation industry.

  • 2 x center sponsored editorial spread bookended by two full-page ads. Issues 58 and 60 or 59 and 61.

  • 2 x custom webinar (60-90 minutes) marketed via email, postcard, and in print issues of CCJ to aggregate quality attendance from informed potential customers. Webinars are recorded and housed on CCJ site for on-demand access from your site and ours and via QR codes in CCJ throughout the year.

  • 1 x annual rotating digital advertisements (pool of 15 advertisers, 728×90 and 300 x 250 ad sizes) on ccj-online.com. Expect over 200,000 impressions per year.

  • 2 x custom, sponsored email with promotional and editorial content, webinar announcements/recording links, white paper, press release information, and other calls to action.

  • 1 x custom buyers guide page listed on CCJ site with electronic link to page in four CCJ print editions.

Partnership benefits:

– Custom editorial expertise

– Unparalleled market intelligence

– Trusted, veteran industry source

– Attendance for up to two company reps at our annual Market Assessment Seminar hosted at the 7F UG and Combined Conference (STUG, CCUG, GUG, Controls) events.

– Over $50,000 in products and services at a reduced price

Special User Group Report, Best Practices, and “Know Your Vendor” Sponsors

Price: $6,000 per quarterly issue of CCJ

  • Blend of sponsored and customized editorial with a variety of print and digital advertising content for a targeted marketing effort directed at your customers and prospects in the gas-turbine-powered electric generation industry.

  • 1 x full-page advertisement strategically placed in the issue of CCJ that you select.

  • 1 x full-page promotional editorial which could include:

-Company profile
-Products and services
-Contact info
-Managerial headcuts
-Thumbnail photos
-QR codes to access online content

  • 1 x custom, sponsored page with market-focused promotional and editorial content, white paper links, press release links, and other calls to action. This will be housed in a special section of CCJ site and links will be provided in email newsletters and within associated CCJ editorial content distributed online.

Partnership benefits:

– Custom editorial expertise

-Unparalleled market intelligence

– Trusted, veteran industry source

– Attendance for up to two company reps at our annual Market Assessment Seminar hosted at the 7F UG and Combined Conference (STUG, CCUG, GUG, Controls) events.

– Over $10,000 in products and services at a reduced price for each issue of participation.

 2020 E-Marketing Opportunities

One-stop-shopping for all your industry information

The gas-turbine-based power sector’s premier content provider now offers a platform to access and share the current issue of CCJ, archives, industry best practices, user-group information and vendor services.  Let our search engine direct you to the material you need.  Need some background on how to inspect an HRSG?  Google it on CCJ Online.  Want to know what the 501F User Group is planning?  Just click on the industry’s only comprehensive user group schedule.

Advertising opportunities on CCJ Online   

  • Top leaderboard ad rotating with four right rail ads available on magazine content pages (all pages not CCJ ONsite newsletter related) and the home page for a maximum of fifteen advertisers. Ads will rotate through all positions on all available pages.  As viewer goes to the next page on the site, they will see a new set of ads.

o   Rate to be a CCJ Online participating advertiser for 2017 calendar year:  $1500 per quarter, one year commitment required. 250,000 impressions guaranteed per year.

o   Ad specifications:

Top leaderboard ads: 728×90, 200k max and must be html5, .gif (animated or static) or .jpg

Right rail ads: 300×250, 200k max and must be html5, .gif (animated or static) or .jpg. Advertiser provides both size ads which rotate through all positions.

  • Classified ads available in specific subject areas- for example: used equipment for sale, repair of hot-gas-path parts offered or help wanted: Cost $200 per month.

2018 www.ccj-online.com Statistics per Quarter

  • 49,000 unique visitors
  • 78,000 page loads
  • 55% of visitors are from the USA
  • 45% are international
  • 13,000 referral traffic from Search Engines
  • 7500 page loads in “Find a Vendor, Fix a Plant”

CCJ ONsite


CCJ’s up-to-the minute information portal

Live reports from the field and from the industry’s most important user group meetings. Email newsletters keep users informed of latest developments and solutions. With travel budgets being trimmed, not everyone can make it these meetings and share in the valuable information exchange. Extending the reach of the user groups through CCJ ONsite amplifies your message to the entire gas turbine community.

Reach those who couldn’t attend the meetings with an ad on CCJ Onsite.

  • Newsletter and email blasts go to our list of 9800 people around the world.
  • Leaderboard (top & bottom) available for $1250 per email blast for both positions
  • Right rail ads available for $750 per email blast (four available positions per e-blast)
  • Newsletters with ads will be archived on CCJ ONsite for one year.
  • Ad specifications:

Top and bottom banner ads: 728×90, 100K and must be a .gif (animated or static) or .jpg

Right rail ads: 300×250, 100k and must be .gif (animated or static) or .jpg

  • With Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 animated graphics are not displayed in the actual email, only the first frame. You must view in browser to enable animation. Prior versions do allow animation in email.

Scheduled conferences (email blasts)

  • Generator Users Group (2)
  • 501 F Users (2)
  • WTUI (2)
  • CCJ Best Practices Awards and Gas Turbine Projects (2)
  • 7F Users Group (3)
  • Frame 6 (1)
  • Combined Cycle Users Group – CCUG (2)
  • Steam Turbine Users Group – STUG (2)
  • 7EA Users Group (2)
  • HRSG (2)

CCJ Onsite: Vendor Solutions Custom E-blast

  • Limited to six (6) sole-sponsored emails per year.
  • Valuable target-marketing opportunity for companies trying to reach end-users at gas-turbine-based power facilities.
  • Great tool for lead generation.
  • Custom, vendor-sponsored content sent out to the CCJ digital, global subscriber base of ~12,500 in the form of an email newsletter.
  • Cost: $3000 per deployment.
  • Specifications:
    • We can support html for the email. 650 px width limit, 500kb html, optimize images for fast loading. Or you can send a hi-res pdf equivalent to 7 x 10 inches (like a full page print advertisement).

CCJ ONscreen


 An interactive web learning resource with a classroom feel

Meet screen-to-screen with industry experts, listen and view presentations, and connect with fellow users from the comfort of your office. Look for comprehensive seminars on generators, HRSGs, and more while earning continuing education credits.

Extend your reach to readers of CCJ and CCJ ONLINE

Hosted webinars available for companies intent on reaching a target audience for their product or service. CCJ promotes the event to owner/operators of gas-turbine-based power facilities via print and digital channels. Logistically, CCJ handles registration, production, moderation, follow-up, and lead generation.

Find a vendor, fix a plant


Electronic Buyers Guide and Information Resource

A customized solution for your company’s products and services at the web’s premier information resource for the gas-turbine-based generation sector

  • Price: $1000 annual fee. Sign up at any time.
  • Free if CCJ budget commitment exceeds $10,000 over the course of the year.
  • Over 2500 hits per month average

Buyers Guide Interactive Features:

  • Link directly to pages on your site
  • Expanded company description
  • Links to CCJ articles referencing your company
  • Update your listing anytime as your business evolves
  • Post photos and product information sheets
  • Buyer’s Guide specific email and print marketing to our subscribers to increase traffic
  • Links to BG on every webpage at ccj-online.com and every outgoing CCJONsite e-newsletter correspondence
  • Our electronic buyers guide is integrated with the print edition of Combined Cycle Journal with a listing of participating companies, a short description of those companies and a QR code, taking our readers using their smart phones back to Find a Vendor, Fix a Plant online.

Sign-up at any time at:   https://www.ccj-online.com/bg-signup/


Market served: The COMBINED CYCLE Journal (CCJ) serves key personnel at combined-cycle, simple-cycle, and cogeneration facilities powered by gas turbines and located throughout the Western Hemisphere. Our online edition of CCJ and CCJ ONsite newsletters serve electric-generation professionals who design, construct, manage, operate, and maintain these types of powerplants worldwide.

Market Size: U.S. gas-turbine-based powerplants have an aggregate capability of more than 400,000 MW. They comprise the world’s third largest generation market. Only two countries—the U.S., of course, and China—have more total generating capacity than we have at plants powered by gas turbines.

Combined-cycle plants represent about 55% of the U.S. fleet’s gas-turbine-based capacity—simple-cycle and cogeneration plants the remainder. Thousands of megawatts of additional gas-turbine-based generating capability is under construction or planned, about three-quarters of that designed into combined-cycle facilities. In addition to business associated with new-plant construction, equipment and services providers have a reservoir of opportunities at operating plants.  Consider that over the expected 20-year life of a typical combined-cycle facility, owner/operators could spend as much as the original cost of the unit on O&M and equipment upgrades (not including fuel and personnel costs).  For a 500-MW plant, that equates to about $25-million annually (average over the life of the plant in round numbers).

User Groups: The COMBINED CYCLE Journal has strong ties to the community of engineers and managers working at generating facilities powered by gas turbines.  Our reach into the plant is facilitated by the CCJ’s close association with key industry user groups—the plant manager’s lifeline to timely solutions to plant problems. We regularly participate in meetings of the 7F Users, Frame 6 Users, 7EA Users, Western Turbine Users, 501F Users, Combined Cycle Users, Steam Turbine Users, Generator Users, Air-Cooled Condenser Users, and independent user organizations.  

Members of our Editorial Advisory Board have years of plant management and/or consulting experience focused on plant O&M problem-solving. The board includes: Robert W. Anderson, formerly Manager of Combined Cycle Services-CT Operations for Progress Energy and now in private practice; Robert D. Threlkeld, Plant Manager, Tenaska Lindsay Hill and Central Alabama Plants; J. Edward Barndt, Senior VP, Rockland Capital; Gabriel Fleck, Chairman 501D5-D5A Users and manager of Gas Plant operations for Associated Electric Cooperative Inc; and Dr. Barry Dooley of Structural Integrity Associates.

COMBINED CYCLE Journal Subscribers: COMBINED CYCLE Journal provides an opportunity for you to address this market in a highly focused manner. The overwhelming majority of subscribers to the CCJ print edition are technicians, engineers, and engineering managers who focus exclusively on generating plants powered by gas turbines.

Point of Contact:

Lisa Juncaj
Advertising Sales Manager
P: 914-774-1947