Onscreen – Combined Cycle Journal

CCJ ONscreen Webinar Recordings

Intek Inc: Essential Monitoring for Quickly Identifying and Repairing Air In-Leak Sources
CECO Environmental: Turbocharge your SCR with next-generation technology — Just Say NOx
CONCO Services: Air-Cooled Condenser Effective Cleaning and Leak Detection
TRS Services: Gas Turbine Repair Planning – Creating Value Every Time
EPT-CleanOil: A paradigm shift in gas-turbine lubricant maintenance
Liburdi Turbine Services: Case study of previously repaired 7FA first-stage turbine buckets
Parker Hannifin Gas Turbine Filtration: Inlet air filtration solutions
Moog Inc: Conceptual hybrid IGV positioning systems for large GE frame engines
Turbine Logic: Eliminating GT unplanned outages caused by combustion hardware and instrumentation failures
AP+M: T2020 bi-phase compressor cleaner
Strategic Power Systems Inc: Powerplant analytics and optimization
C C Jensen, Oil Maintenance: Remote oil condition monitoring as a CBM tool including varnish—an update
Mercer Thompson LLC and IEM Energy Consultants: Ensuring your LTSA is fit for the future
AP+M: “Outage in a Box”consumable kit solution for GE Frame 6B/7E/7F engines
Braden Filtration LLC: Advancements in nanofiber technology for pulse filters
Bureau Veritas: Adjusting turbine-oil monitoring to the current situation
Groome Industrial Service Group LLC: AIG tuning and permanent sampling grid
Pioneer Motor Bearing Co: The “care and feeding” of fluid-film bearings
VAW Systems Ltd: Exhaust system retrofit approach
National Electric Coil: An improved self-locking amortissuer finger and spring assembly for 7FH2 generator rotors
Nord-Lock Group: Coupling-bolt issues and solutions with EzFit
Rochem Technical Services: Compressor cleaning best practices
ALLIED POWER GROUP: APG Introduces Nexgen Combustion Technologies
NITTO INC: Introduction to Nitto Hydrogen Detection Tape
GTC CONTROLS SOLUTIONS: Two Single Point of Failure Case Studies, Implementation of TIL 1524 and 1275: what you need to know. Bonus Track: Core-by-core LVDT calibration
NEL HYDROGEN WEBINAR: Hydrogen Generation Ensures Reliable Hydrogen Supply for CCGT Powerplants
DEKOMTE DE TEMPLE: Expansion Joint Solutions for 7F CCGT Plants
DONALDSON COMPANY: Gas Turbine Systems Solutions Providing More Power to You!
ESC | SPECTRUM: Optimizing Your Data Acquisition System (DAS) with StackVision: Best Practices and Sound Advice
CONAX TECHNOLOGIES: Power Generation Capabilities Overview
HILCO FILTRATION: Hilco’s Coalescer Separator and Oil Mist Eliminator
E/ONE WEBINAR: Automating FPL’s Generator Degas Process
CECO WEBINAR: It’s probably NOT the catalyst: Why your SCR system is underperforming
CUTSFORTH WEBINAR: Integrated Generator Condition Monitoring
NORD-LOCK WEBINAR: Solutions for Turbine/Generator Coupling Seize Up
CONCO WEBINAR: ACC Cleaning and Leak Detection
SULZER WEBINAR: Keep Aging Gas Turbines Competitive with Coatings and Material Upgrades

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