501F Users Group 2021: JASC – Combined Cycle Journal

501F Users Group 2021: JASC

Company: JASC
URL: www.jasc-controls.com

Company Description:

JASC provides process control improvements for any industry. We evaluate system or sub-system performance and develop patentable designs to maximize productivity. Our ability to manufacture hardware, as required, provides comprehensive solutions for the most challenging operational problems

Products & Services:

Check Valves, Purge Air Valves, Servos, Water Injection Valves, Flow Monitors

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Customer References/Workscope

GRU: JASC worked with GRU to complete a system overhaul and upgrade to water-cooled liquid fuel check valves on their 7EA GE engines to provide reliable transfers from oil to gas.

Tampa Electric: JASC provided water-cooled liquid fuel system upgrades.

ATK: JASC provides high-speed, motor-driven pintle valves with electronic control for metering of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen and silane for ATK-GASL (Ronkonkoma, NY).

Calpine: JASC provides liquid fuel valves for Calpine.

Honeywell: JASC developed both single and dual-channel high-speed, motor operated pintle valves for metering of liquid and gaseous fuels and high-speed servo valves for active combustion control for Honeywell Engine Division (Phoenix, AZ).

Hamilton-Sundstrand Power Systems: JASC produces servo valves, servo actuators, pressure regulators, flow dividers, solenoid operated relief valves and fuel controls for Hamilton-Sundstrand Power Systems (San Diego, CA and Windsor Locks, CT).

NASA: JASC provides high-speed, motor-driven pintle valves with electronic control for NASA’s Hyper-X Hypersonic Experimental Research Vehicle Fuel System.

JASC provides fuel control components for Parker Aerospace Nichols Airborne Division (Devens, MA) and Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division (Irvine, CA).

Pratt & Whitney: JASC provides servo-actuated, hot gas pintle valves with closed-loop electronic control for Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne (West Palm Beach, FL).

Rolls Royce: JASC provided an actuator and electronic control for the Rolls-Royce/ Liberty Works (Indianapolis, IN) YJ102R engine that will power the RATTLRS supersonic demonstrator vehicle.

Japan’s Seal Tech: JASC works closely with Seal Tech (Tokyo, Japan) to provide Niigata Power Systems with hydromechanical and electric controls for power generating gas turbine engines.

Tactair: JASC manufactures close fitting spools and sleeves for various applications and precision flow grinding for Tactair Fluid Systems (Liverpool, NY).

Whittaker Controls: JASC provides a proportional solenoid operated pneumatic servo with mechanical force feedback for aircraft bleed-air control for Whittaker Controls (N. Hollywood, CA).

Industrial Valve Refurbishment 

Point of Contact

Schuyler McElrath 
Business Development

Marla Evangelista
Sales and Marketing Director

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