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CCUG to recognize excellence in combined-cycle design, O&M

The Combined Cycle Users Group annually recognizes industry professionals who have demonstrated excellence throughout their careers in the design, construction, management, operation, and/or maintenance of generating facilities powered by gas turbines with its Individual Achievement Award. Recipients of the 2024 IAA will be announced during the CCUG conference, August 26-29, at the Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix.

More than 20 users and consultants have been recognized since the first awards were conferred in 2013. Recipients over the years include many gas-turbine users familiar to CCJ readers, including: Peter So, Pat Myers, Ray Martens, Harry Carbone, Paul White, Pierre Boehler, Bob Anderson, Wayne Kawamoto, Rick Shackelford, Ed Barndt, Chuck Casey, Jeff Gillis, Mike Hoy, and Kevin Geraghty.

TICA. This year, for the first time, the Turbine Inlet Cooling Assn will recognize, at the CCUG meeting, plants that have demonstrated the successful use of one or more inlet cooling technologies to improve the performance of frame gas turbines—including evap media, fogging, wet compression, chillers (with and without thermal storage), and hybrid systems.

TICA’s Executive Director Dharam (Don) Punwani announces that you can nominate facilities for this award until July 26. Download the nomination form here.

Criteria used for evaluation of nominations include the following:

  • Number or turbines using TIC.
  • Power increase attributed to the TIC system.
  • Percent increase in capacity by TIC.
  • Age of TIC installation.
  • Noteworthy/innovative details of the TIC system or its use.
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