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7EA Users Group 2020: Chevron Lubricants

Case Studies in Varnish Removal


Paul Sly, Technical Advisor, Chevron

Paul earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and CLS and OMA-1 certifications in the lubricants field. His career includes 13 years at Caterpillar Engine Division and 18 years at Chevron including managing the Isoclean contamination control program for the last decade and as Chevron’s top field specialist in the power generation industry for both turbine and reciprocating engine applications. This field experience has built his reputation as a subject matter expert in turbine oil including varnish issues, hydraulics, gas engines, compressors and gear boxes supporting Chevron and customer operations around the globe.

Presentation Synopsis

This presentation will include a compilation of direct experience with varnish removal cases including both positive and negative outcomes involving various methods and technologies from simple oil change best practices, varnish filtration and chemical cleaning. These case studies have been collected over a 15 year time span primarily involving turbines, compressors and some hydraulic systems.

Key Takeaways for Users

Varnish removal alternatives, expectations and limitations.


Paul Sly
Technical Advisor

About Chevron Lubricants

Chevron Products Company provides premium lubricants to a multitude of industrial applications including turbine oil products and a new varnish cleaning product VARTECH ISC to combustion turbine operators.




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