STEAM TURBINE Vendor Breakout Presentations Parker Motion & Flow Control Products Inc

Legacy Denison EHC hydraulic pumps and steam turbine applications/support

Steve Westmoreland, a senior design engineer at MFCP, had good news for users trying to get by with their Denison EHC pumps, typically used to provide the hydraulic power for opening/closing valves on steam turbines. The workhorse Denison PV-09, which dates back 70 years, is no longer offered. The pump is obsolete and parts are not available from Parker, which bought Denison in 2004. Plus, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rework existing parts.

Westmoreland’s recorded message introduced attendees to the Parker PV+ variable-volume piston pump, available in horizontal and vertical arrangements, as a replacement for the PV-09. The following benefits of the PV+ over the PV-09 were highlighted:

  • The pump/motor interface is a simple bolt-together process; no laser alignment necessary.
  • Response time has been halved.
  • Higher efficiency (volumetric and mechanical).
  • A hydrostatic saddle bearing/swashplate replaces wear-prone rollers and bearings.
  • Improved suction characteristics—especially important to units operating at high altitude.
  • Separate cooling/filtered-oil loop to cool shaft bearings and seal, and the hydrostatic bearings.
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