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How to conduct leak checks on an operating engine without entering the package

Kearny Generating Station

Public Service Electric & Gas Co
456-MW, 10-unit, peaking facility located in South Kearny, NJ
Plant manager: Peter Van Den Houten

Challenge. Continually improve work practices at PSEG Fossil’s generating plants to ensure the safety of plant and contractor personnel.

Solution. PSEG Fossil’s focus on creating a world-class work environment included the development of new procedures for its Kearny Generating Station, making tasks safer and more efficient. One example: The peaking team introduced an innovative application for GoPro Inc cameras, to put “eyes” inside the engine package. The compact camera system enables staff to capture photos and video under extreme conditions.

During post-maintenance testing or oil commissioning of the station’s peaking units, leak checks are a routine task, The ability to safely look for leaks has been greatly improved with the use of this camera system, developed in-house by the peaking team.

The GoPro cameras are seated on mag-base remote mounts, giving operators pan and tilt capability. The cameras can capture a live feed and send it to an operator outside the package in a safe environment. The camera’s mobility enables the operator to conduct a full set of leak checks without entering the package. Video at https://vimeo.com/306229398 illustrates the process. This has significantly improved the safety of those who perform this work and has reaffirmed staff’s continued focus on two of PSEG’s core commitments: safety and continuous improvement.

Results. While some other peaking plants with LM6000 gas turbines use high-cost stationary cameras for leak detection, the PSEG team took the inspection task to the next level by using GoPro cameras with pan/tilt mounts to provide greater flexibility at a less cost.

Project participants:

Al Van Hart, technical manager

Glen Davies, SOS

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