Heads-Up! March 5 is Training Day at the 2021 AOG conference – Combined Cycle Journal

Heads-Up! March 5 is Training Day at the 2021 AOG conference

Variety of extended learning opportunities for powerplant end users

One of the distinguishing characteristics of annual meetings hosted by the Alstom Owners Group is its training courses. This year’s program, outlined below, features seven two-hour training sessions on Friday, March 5—all starting at 10:00. A good strategy might be to select the topics of greatest interest and assign plant personnel to monitor each of those sessions; then gather in the break room for a roundtable discussion of the highlights, best practices, lessons learned. Register today at no cost.

Here are thumbnail descriptions for each session:

Gas-turbine condition assessment, Doug Nagy, Liburdi Turbine.

Hot-section capital parts are life-limited and require periodic replacement. The repair versus replacement decision is an age-old debate containing facets of risk, technical, commercial, and schedule. Regardless of the decision, capital-parts condition upon delivery has a significant impact on gas-turbine reliability, efficiency, and availability. To verify suitability for service, engineering has a role to understand the manufacturability of new parts and the repairability of used parts. This presentation will help you understand the limits of what can—and cannot—be done based on condition assessments. Numerous real-world examples of the good, bad, and ugly are included.

Recubrimientos contra la corrosion y la oxidation a altas temperaturas para components de turbinas a gas, Miguelina Curcio, Liburdi Turbine.

Esta charla está orientada a que el participante visualice los criterios principales para la selección de un recubrimiento para proteger las partes capitales de una turbina a gas contra los mecanismos de degradación de su proceso de operación, así como, su importancia para reducir costos de reparacion y operatividad del equipo. Entre los temas a tratar, se analizaran las funciones del recubrimiento y cuáles son los principales mecanismos de degradación dependiendo de las condiciones de operatividad de la Turbina a gas . Se discutirán problemas de erosión, Oxidación, Corrosión en Caliente, fatiga térmica, entre otros y como afectan estos mecanismos de degradación en la funcionabilidad de un recubrimiento para que sea eficaz, y mantenga su estabilidad mecánica y metalúrgica durante la operación del equipo.

Introduction to gas-turbine air inlet filtration, Jim Benson, Camfil.
Goal is to provide plant personnel information about filters and their impact on turbine operation. Beyond providing basic engine protection, inlet filters can impact plant performance. Trends in filtration (increased efficiency) and plant operation (fewer service hours) will be included in the presentation. Plus, software and IoT tools that can provide operational personnel greater insight on filter selection and performance.

Industrial hydrodynamic bearings: Facts without friction and reliability without regrets, Dr Lyle Branagan, Pioneer Motor Bearing.

Attendees will learn fluid-film bearing fundamentals—from operational theory to damage mechanisms. Plus, the intricate details of Alstom, Brown Boveri, Stal, and ABB bearing designs. Pioneer has more than 100 years of experience to share, as well as nearly 30 years as a licensee of ABB/Alstom/GE.

Control-system training, Laurence O’Toole, Emerson.

This training will cover control principles for gas and steam turbines, with an explanation of the control functions / control loops used on modern gas and steam turbines. We will also have two additional topics of interest both for safe operation and for anyone looking to upgrade. First is an explanation on application of functional safety (SIL) lifecycle for rotation machines – what IEC 61508 standard means and a look at scope involved in implementing. Second is an update on cyber security, with new on latest industry trends and events on this area.

    • Control principles for gas and steam turbines – how they work, control functions / loops
    • Functional safety (SIL) for rotation machines – What IEC 61508 standard means and how to implement
    • Cyber security for power plant installations – update and information to keep your assets safe

Long-term service agreements, what’s under the hood? Craig Nicholson, AIM Power Consulting.

The session will provide a holistic view on maintenance contracts for gas plants including the basics of contracting, pro’s and cons of a contracting maintenance strategy, when and how agreements are negotiated, as well as dissecting the key elements within LTSA’s. We will include tips and insights on how to negotiate market and risk balanced maintenance contracts for gas plants as well as a discussion on the future of LTSAs in todays cyclical variable load operating reality.

P13/BlueLine control system training, Tom Douglas, Hughes Technical Services.

Presentation is for operators, engineers, and managers who want to better understand their P13/BlueLine control system. Course covers hardware and software used to work with the system. Examples of how to follow signals through the system and logic blocks used will be discussed. Also, additional details on the speed modules, Modbus communications (serial and TCP) and fiberoptic data transfer (70DH01 and 70DH02) will be provided.

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