Generator Expert : James Michalec

About James Michalec

– US Army Veteran
– BSEE U of Akron 1971
– AEP 1971: Mitchell Power Plant, West Virginia
– AEP 1974: Headquarters in NYC, later in Columbus, Ohio 1981
– AEP: Significantly involved with the specification, purchasing, manufacturing, and start-up of every synchronous generator from 1974 to 2010
– AEP: Manager of the Plant Electrical Equipment Section for 9 years
– Visited manufacturers in Canada, Brazil, England, Germany, Poland, China, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and Switzerland.
– Retired in 2010
– IEEE Fellow (2003)
– Editor “IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion” 1998 to 2015

General comments and observations

– Taught 5 Continuing Education Courses on motors at the U of Wisconsin; taught 14 courses on form wound motors with EPRI/Jim Oliver.
– Began Consulting in 2011
– Authored 9 EPRI documents on generators
– WEG motor consultant from 2011 to 2016
– Consulted with EPRI in Australia, Brazil, and Chile
– Consulted for 7 Utilities on 27 projects
– Root Cause Analysis: a plethora at AEP and consulted for 3 Utilities.

Generator Areas of Special Skill

Field windings

Stator windings

Stator core and frame

Failure root cause



Other – Presentations on synchronous generators



Remote Assistance

Restriction for night driving


James Michalec


8088 Rookery Way
Westerville, Ohio 43082

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