COMBINED CYCLE Journal: Issue 51 – Combined Cycle Journal

COMBINED CYCLE Journal: Issue 51


Protect equipment against corrosion with neutralizing amines, filming products (go)
Mike Caravaggio and Steve Shulder, EPRI

Beware hidden superheater, reheater overheating (go)
Natalie Marini, HRST Inc

Combined-cycle performance optimization (go)

User Group Reports

Generator Users Group (go)


  • Rewind experience
  • EL CID versus rated-flux testing
  • Issues in hydrogen-cooled machines
  • Continuous EMI monitoring
  • Connection-ring vibration monitoring
  • Ground in a 390H generator
  • Overheating phase-to-phase failure
  • Endwinding vibration
  • Global VPI technology


  • Field ground indications
  • Experience with Alstom air-cooled generators
  • Excitation failure
  • Emergency rewind
  • End-plate indications
  • Damaged steel
  • Rewind experience
  • Thermal sensitivity


  • Oil-intrusion events
  • SFC flashover
  • EMI testing
  • Hydrogen safety
  • Generator testing, overhaul
  • GE presentations

Australasian HRSG Users Group (go)

Risk-based planning was an over-riding theme for the 2016 meeting, which covered a full range of heat-recovery steam generator topics—including extended inspection intervals, performance improvement, plant-specific updates, cycle chemistry, and advanced materials.

ACC Users Group (go)

The first day of the eighth annual meeting featured a tutorial on chemistry and corrosion followed by presentations on airflow management, performance enhancements, gearbox maintenance, tube-bundle cleaning, and air in-leakage testing.

Day Two coverage included film-forming agents, windscreen analysis, direct-drive motors, OEM ACC specs, fogging, external inspection, dry-cooling research, and user experiences.

7F Users Group (go)

In-depth content is why 250 or more owner/operators attend this meeting. Major segments of the 2016 program were dedicated to technologies offered by the OEM and PSM, while special technical presentations by third-parties addressed a dozen specific topics. More than a dozen user presentations and closed discussion sessions rounded out the program.

Best Practices Awards

AES Amman East: Safe unloading of oil, optimizing water consumption

AES Levant: Reducing ammonia use without compromising NOx emissions

AL Sandersville: HV-cable support system saves time, money

Colusa Generating Station: Heating blankets, controls enable faster starts

H L Culbreath Bayside Power Station: Fast resolution of combustion-dynamics anomalies

Faribault Energy Park: Manmade ponds reclaim storm water, build community relations

MPC Generating: Redundant hydrogen supply improves availability

Petrobras Chaves: Condenser vacuum pump speeds plant startup

PSE Ferndale Generating Station: Upgrade of CRO interface improves plant operability

Rathdrum Power: Eliminate traffic-flow exposure during hazmat offloads

Rokeby Generating Station: Rain garden/sanitary lagoon upgrade reduces cost


Business Partners (go)

Ring eight bells for Charlie Zirkelback, top-entry ball valves ease maintenance, inspection guide for drum-level instrumentation, duct balloon protects gas turbine during layup, integrated control and simulation platform makes virtual powerplant a reality, salute Mike Hoogsteden for his work on behalf of wounded vets.

Schedule of upcoming user-group meetings

Buyers Guide: Find a vendor, fix a plant

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