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Checklist of safety TILs and PSSBs affecting 6B gas turbines

Technical Information Letters

    • TIL 2101, Modification of manual lever hoist for safe rotor removal.
    • 2044, Dry flame sensor false flame indication while turbine is offline.
    • 2028, Control settings for GE Reuter Stokes flame sensors.
    • 2025, GE Reuter Stokes FTD325 dry flame sensors, false flame indication.
    • 1986, Braid-lined flexible metal-hose failures.
    • 1918, 6B Riverhawk load-coupling hardware and tooling safety concern.
    • 1838, Environmentally induced catalytic-bead gas-leak sensor degradation.
    • 1793, Arsenic and heavy-metal material handling guidelines.
    • 1713, 6B, 6FA, 6FA+E, and 9E false-start drain system recommendations.
    • 1709, 6B load-coupling recommendations.
    • 1707, Outer-crossfire-tube packing-ring upgrade.
    • 1700, Potential gas-leak hazard during offline water washes.
    • 1633, Load-coupling pressure during disassembly.
    • 1628, E- and B-class gas-turbine shell inspection.
    • 1612, Temperature degradation of turbine-compartment light fixtures.
    • 1585-R1, Proper use and care of flexible metal hoses.
    • 1577, Precautions for air-inlet filter-house ladder hatches.
    • 1576-R1, Gas-turbine rotor inspections.
    • 1574, 6B standard combustion fuel-nozzle body cracking.
    • 1573, Fire-protection-system wiring verification.
    • 1566-R2, Hazardous-gas detection system recommendations.
    • 1565, Safety precautions to follow while working on VGVs.
    • 1557, Temperature-regulation valves containing methylene chloride.
    • 1556, Security measures against logic forcing.
    • 1554, Signage requirements for enclosures protected by CO2 fire protection.
    • 1537-1, High gas flow at startup—Lratiohy logic sequence.
    • 1522-R1, Fire-protection-system upgrades for select gas turbines.
    • 1520-1, High hydrogen purge recommendations.
    • 1429-R1, Accessory and fuel-gas-module compression-fitting oil leaks.
    • 1368-2, Recommended fire-prevention measures for air-inlet filter houses.
    • 1275-1R2, Excessive fuel flow at startup.
    • 1159-2, Precautions for working in or near the turbine compartment or fuel handling system of an operating gas turbine.

Product Service Safety Bulletins

    • PSSB 2018-1003, Online collector-maintenance awareness.
    • 2018-0709-R2, Observation of hexavalent chromium on parts during outage.
    • 2016-1220, GT upgrade—Impact on HRSG.
    • 2016-1209, Gas-turbine water-cooled flame sensor false flame indication.
    • 2016-1117, Lifting and rigging devices.
    • 2016-1104, Gas-turbine operational safety GEK update.
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