7EA Users Group 2020: SVI INDUSTRIAL & SVI DYNAMICS – Combined Cycle Journal


Defining and implementing SCR improvements on gas turbine exhaust


Bill Gretta, Director of SCR Product Line

Bill is the SCR Product Line Director at SVI Dynamics. Bill has over 25 years of experience in the air pollution control industry specializing in the design of SCR systems for coal-fired boilers, simple cycle or HRSG systems, SCR and CO catalyst design, electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters and FGD systems. His expertise includes SCR systems and gas flow modelling of air pollution control equipment. Bill is recognized as an expert in the air pollution control industry. He holds two patents for ammonia vaporization equipment designs for SCR systems and is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey. He holds a BSME from Penn State University and MSME from Lehigh University.

Presentation Synopsis

Ever-tightening emission regulations are impacting the performance requirements of existing and new combined cycle and simple cycle gas plants. Stringent regulations on NOx, CO and ammonia slip are dictating the need for highly efficient SCR systems. Although CO and SCR catalyst designs are advancing to meet these new regulations, the SCR system designs are not always equipped to manage the performance requirement improvements.

SVI Dynamics brings extensive design and field experience on combined cycle and simple cycle units manufactured by all major SCR system integrators and HRSG OEMs. They have incorporated this knowledge and experience into new SVI SCR systems. SVI also provides in-depth analysis of your existing SCR system needed for high reliability and unit efficiency.

Key Takeaways for Users

Bill Gretta, PE, an expert in SCR technology, will present an informative webinar that provides actionable strategies for:

  • Detailed evaluation of existing SCR systems
  • Unique low-cost methods to evaluate NH3/NO distribution
  • Detailed CFD modelling
  • Fast track retrofit capabilities
  • Combined Cycle case study presentation

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • How to develop a PM inspection plan for SCR systems
  • Design reviews of your system
  • Using CFD modelling to enhance performance


Scott Schreeg, Director of Sales, sschreeg@svidynamics.com, 219.380.9267

Bill Gretta, Director of SCR Product Line, bgretta@svidynamics.com, 908.303.4123

About SVI

SVI INDUSTRIAL provides industrial mechanical and valve maintenance and repair services. SVI DYNAMICS is a subsidiary of SVI INDUSTRIAL and provides engineered high performance gas path solutions for complex emissions problems including:

  • Turbine inlet and exhaust systems
  • Stacks and silencers
  • Liner upgrades
  • SCR emissions control system analysis, retrofits and upgrades
  • HRSG maintenance support for inlet duct liners, gas path baffles, stack repairs, vent silencers, piping, valve service and R stamp work.




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