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Steam Turbine Users Group: Intek, Inc.

Essential Monitoring for Quickly Identifying and Repairing Air In-Leak Sources


Collin Eckel, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Eckel holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. At Intek he has been actively engaged in the analysis of plant and Intek instrument data, supporting customers and designing diagnostic software for RheoVac users. Collin contributes to Intek’s continuing efforts to improve instrument performance by refining our calibration and instrument preparation methods and developing software improvements. He has visited numerous power plants, assisting customers with troubleshooting, and participating with other Intek staff in the inspection and evaluation of condensers. He is a member of the Intek team conducting the installation, monitoring and data analysis of our advanced condenser monitoring systems.


Jason Reynolds
Business Development Manager
Westerville, OH
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Collin Eckel
Quality Manager
Westerville, OH
614 895 0301

Dean Thompson
Westerville, OH
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Presentation Synopsis

Intek will present case studies highlighting a new process of combining repair of air in leaks, identified through a condenser helium leak audit, and condenser vent line air in leakage measurements with a Multi Sensor Probe (MSP) allowing the user to quantify individual air in leaks. Condenser air in leaks are identified during a helium leak audit by spraying helium around the outside of a surface condenser while monitoring the condenser exhauster line for the presence of helium. The presence of helium at the condenser exhausters indicates that the helium is entering the condenser through a leak, the source of which is narrowed down and recorded. The MSP, which is installed in the vent line between the condenser and exhauster, directly measures and continuously calculates the condenser’s total air in leakage rate. Data from the MSP allows for narrowing the search areas for potential leaks and thus can reduce the overall time and increase the chance of success at finding and repairing leaks. As the air in leaks identified in the helium leak audit are repaired, the MSP’s condenser air in leak value indicates the size of the repaired air in leak, through the reduction in total air in leak, quantifying its size. This method allows the user to ensure that the condenser’s total air in leakage has been repaired to an acceptable level.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • Understand the role of multi sensor probe(s) in developing condenser leak audit strategies.
  • Recognize the relationship between air in leakage and exhauster capacity, and its impact on turbine backpressure.
  • Quantify condenser air in leakage and know when it's necessary to make repairs.
  • How to measure exhauster capacity and performance.


About Intek, Inc.

Intek manufactures unique instruments for condenser related measurements and provide design engineering as well as data monitoring services. Intek’s Condenser Services are based on a solid foundation of physics and engineering principles and utilize unique and Intek patented methods to identify and correct condenser deficiencies. Intek, Inc. manufactures novel condenser performance monitoring equipment, including the RheoVac condenser air in leak monitor, as well as providing condenser inspections and leak audits.

Products and Services

Intek brings the analytical tools, one of a kind instrumentation, and a comprehensive condenser knowledge base to the issues of condenser operation and performance. We manufacture unique instruments for condenser related measurements, and provide design engineering as well as data monitoring services. We assist plant's in understanding and quantifying the root cause mechanisms that impact condenser performance.

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