7FUG 2020: Allied Power Group – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020: Allied Power Group

7FUG 2020: Allied Power Group - APG Introduces Nexgen Combustion Technologies


Jim Masso President of Allied Power Group (APG)

Jim Masso serves as the President of Allied Power Group, joining in 2019. Previously, Jim held a variety of leadership positions at General Electric, across gas, steam, and generator technology, services, oil & gas, rotor technology, and RF & Photonics. Prior to joining Allied Power Group, Jim led global service for Dematic.

Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Union College, in Schenectady, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Jim Masso, President, jmasso@alliedpg.com

Aaron Frost, Chief Engineer, afrost@alliedpg.com

Jason Brown, SVP of Business Development, jbrown@alliedpg.com

Jeremy Clifton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, jclifton@alliedpg.com

Marty Magby, Vice President of Business Development – Bundled Service, mmagby@alliedpg.com

About Allied Power

APG is the leading independent global provider of comprehensive maintenance solutions for industrial gas turbines and related turbomachinery. We combine the depth and diversity of expertise of an OEM with top-quality service. Simply, we ensure maximum reliability and efficiency of your turbomachinery. When it comes to our core values, we are immovable. When it comes to solving our customers’ power generation challenges, we always remain flexible.

What Products and Services Do You Provide?

  • Component and Rotor repair services
  • Advanced Fuel Systems Technology repair services
  • Plant and Field Services
  • Capital Assets & Consumables
  • Custom Engineered Performance Solutions




10131 Mills Road
Houston, Texas 77070


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