WESTERN TURBINE BEST PRACTICES: Safety mod for easier filling of LM6000 hydraulic start reservoir

Pinelawn Power LLC

Owned by J-Power USA Development Co
Operated by NAES Corp
80-MW, dual-fuel, 1 × 1 combined cycle located in West Babylon, NY
Plant manager: Kenneth Ford

Challenge. The challenge was to find a safer way to add fluid to the gas-turbine hydraulic starter reservoir. Photo shows the reservoir is located under a system radiator and tucked away in the corner of its auxiliary enclosure. The original design situated the fill port in a cramped and hard-to-reach location, thus creating the potential for staff injury as a result of strain or from a slip/trip/fall.

Solution. The site looked at several solutions, but in consideration of the challenging enclosure configuration, decided to relocate the fill port (lower left in photo) by adding several short lengths of piping. The relocated fill port is now in an easy to reach location and at a greater vertical height thus creating a much-improved ergonomic work space for the task of filling the reservoir.

Results. This simple solution of relocating the fill port has reduced the chance of injury from awkward body positioning. The modification has also generated very positive feedback from the site operations and maintenance staff who recognize the importance of a safe workplace.

Project participants:

Frank Pagano, OMT

Mark Whitney, O&M manager

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