FROM THE EDITOR: ‘As for my HRSGs, I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then’


GAS TURBINES: Check 7F turbine wheels for cracks during hot-gas-path and major inspections, cautions Advanced Turbine Support’s Mike Hoogsteden

GENERATORS: ‘CliffsNotes’ on design and O&M of stator-bar insulation systems helps users improve generator reliability
Clyde V Maughan, Maughan Generator Consultants

WATER TREATMENT: How to design and care for reverse osmosis systems
Wes Byrne, U.S. Water

GENERATORS: Advisory document reflects OEM’s changing maintenance philosophy for generators over time
Relu Ilie, Utility Electrical Engineering Manager

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: Automating startup procedures offer numerous benefits, Emerson Automation Solutions’ Jeff Williams advises 7F users

NEW GENERATION: Aero combined cycle enhances reliability, flexibility for Pasadena, Plant Manager Arturo Silva tells CCJ

GAS TURBINES: How to select the optimal inlet air filters for your engine
Dale Grace, EPRI, and Chris Perullo and Tim Lieuwen, Turbine Logic

HIGH-ENERGY PIPING: Track performance data from plant’s historian to prevent piping failures
Rishikesh Velkar and Bob Ott, NV Energy

GAS TURBINES: Forced-outage of Frame 5 cogen engine offers lessons on how to conduct an emergency major in timely fashion

Special from GRiD Today

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Adding big battery turns non-spin LM6000 peaker into spinning reserve


Effingham County Power gets its fifth Best of the Best Award—tops in the industry—for safe grounding of a generator step-up transformer, eliminating flow-transmitter freeze-up, and other solutions

Nueces Bay and Barney M Davis Energy Centers team up to boost condenser performance

Athens Power Plant reconfigures heat-trace system to assure accurate drum-level measurement

Green Country Energy restores megawatts lost through equipment degradation and improves heat rate as well

Woodbridge Energy Center faced significant follow-up work after commissioning—including a complete overhaul of the outdoor plant’s heat-trace system to survive winters in the Northeast, logic changes to reduce blowdown quench-water use and earn a large financial return, reduce the potential for arc-flash injuries

Riverside Energy Resource Center fine-tunes operations, implements mods, upgrades to reduce startup NOx


V-FRAME USERS GROUP: OEM hosts the only US user meeting focusing on V-frame engines

Highlights: Fleet performance, digitalization/product analytics, tooling and field services, expanded combined-cycle solutions, plant optimization experience, updates on lift-oil hoses and fuel-gas quality, generator products/services to help reduce outage curation and/or costs, controls, cybersecurity, rotor casing inspection and evaluation, and much more.

WESTERN TURBINE USERS: Breakout sessions dig into the nitty-gritty of engine O&M

Part II of CCJ’s Western Turbine coverage summarizes some presentations and discussions from the LM6000 and LMS100 breakout sessions and profiles the authorized service providers (a/k/a depots) that contribute significantly to the success of the world’s largest conference supporting owner/operators of GE aero engines.

  • ASP profiles

    • ANZGT
      MTU Maintenance
      TransCanada Turbines (go)

  • LM6000, the most popular of WTUI’s four breakout sessions, digs into the details of issues identified by the OEM and ASPs during shop visits and onsite inspections and repairs (go)

  • LMS100 users report improving availability and performance for one of the world’s most advanced aeros in power generation service (go)