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PSM Shop Tour for 501F Users

A special feature of the 501F Users Group meeting in 2020 was a shop tour through PSM’s 2.5- acre Workshop and Repair Facility in Jupiter, about a half-hour bus ride from the Hilton West Palm Beach conference hotel. Attendees were divided into five groups and rotated through the shop and breakout rooms to learn more about how PSM does the following:

  • 501F rotor inspections
  • VGP blade repairs.
  • Additive manufacturing to facilitate
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of operating engines.
  • Compressor blade
  • Brazing of cobalt and nickel
  • Flow testing and combustion
  • Coating, chemical stripping, welding, machining, and other repair support activities. Also included: An update on the company’s FlameSheet™

Highlights of the path taken by CCJ General Manager Scott Schwieger through the PSM shop are shown in the photos. In Fig A Andrew Pappadapoulos explains how tip caps are replaced on F-class blades (B) using the company’s laser-cladding technique.

Eric Rosenlieb, Matt Yaquinto, and Allen Battles of the combustion team demonstrated advanced flow testing and combustion wheeling (C). They noted that PSM has multiple flow-test capabilities, allowing for R&D development of new components for repairs and new- make activities to ensure tight emissions tolerances.

Among PSM’s many capabilities are in-house CMM and white- and blue-light scanning for repairs and new-part design (D). Vane repair and fixture checking are illustrated in (E, F). Combustion-cell capabilities were described by Chris Hall (G). Vanes in various stages of the brazing process were displayed for the participating users (H).

PSM’s FlameSheet combustor gets high interest from engine owner/operators looking to build greater operating flexibility into their gas turbines. Combustors awaiting shipment are shown in (I,) the one in (J) is ready for placement in the 501F engine shown in (K).

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