7FUG 2020: ESC | Spectrum – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020: ESC | Spectrum

Optimizing Your Data Acquisition System (DAS) with StackVision: Best Practices and Sound Advice


Andy Taer, Business Development Manager, ESC | Spectrum


Andy Taer, Business Development Manager

Adam Jackson, Business Development Manager

John Ash, Business Development Manager

Caroline Pena, Business Development Manager

Corey Hannahoe, Business Development Manager

Donny Klotz, Business Development Manager

Martin Bouska, Business Development Manager

Ashton Kacena, Business Development Manager

Mike Viator, Director of Sales and Marketing

About ESC | Spectrum

ESC | Spectrum is a leader in emissions monitoring and environmental compliance. We provide industry-leading products and services for customers in the electric power and petroleum industries utilizing Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) to comply with federal, local, and state air emissions regulations.

Products and Services

  • DAS software, including StackVision™ and SpectraView® Prism
  • DAS software IT Services, including hosting, upgrades and system migration server management
  • DAS software customer support, documentation and training services
  • 8864 Data Controller hardware
  • Maintenance and training CEMS services
  • Stack Testing for RATA, permit compliance, and engineering studies and RATA
  • Repair and calibration of CEMS equipment
  • CEMS equipment parts
  • CEMS Mobile Testing Systems
  • Compliance Reporting services, including Data Review and EDR and Permit Compliance Reporting and Data Review
  • Consulting services to solve challenging CEMS issues and improve compliance processes




10801 N. MoPac Expressway, Building 1 Ste 200
Austin, TX 78759
United States

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