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Highlights of presentations by owner/operators, vendors, consultants

Here the editors summarize the presentations and key points made by users and suppliers from the 2019 meeting—timeless content not covered previously by CCJ.

GUG: User presentations
GUG: Vendor presentations
GUG: Consultant presentations

To help owner/operators prepare for the meeting, noted consultant Clyde V Maughan of Maughan Generator Consultants developed a four-hour review of generator design, operation, failure modes and root causes, monitoring, inspection, test options and risks, and basic approaches to maintenance. Content is from his respected 2½-day generator training program, attended by more than a thousand utility personnel over the years.

If you weren’t among the more than 400 registrants for the online presentation at the end of October, access the recording on the CCJ website at It is of value to users regardless of their level of knowledge on electric generators.

By way of background, GUG was formed in 2015, with Maughan guiding the launch and NV Energy hosting the first meeting in its engineering offices. Today the group operates under the Power Users umbrella, an organization run by users for generator owner/operators to enable the sharing of experiences, best practices, and lessons learned focusing primarily on design, installation, O&M, overhaul, upgrade, and safety.

A quick look at the names and affiliations of the steering-committee members below tells you if there’s one meeting that can get you up “up to speed” on generators, this is the one:

  • Dave Fischli (2020 chair), Duke Energy.
  • Ryan Harrison, Heartland Generation Ltd.
  • Jagadeesh Srirama, NV
  • Jane Hutt,
  • John Demcko, EUMAC
  • Jeff Phelps, Southern Company.
  • Kent Smith, Duke
  • Joe Riebau,
  • Craig Spencer, Calpine Corp.

To dig deeper on the topics that follow, access speaker PowerPoints on the Power Users website at which are available to registered owner/operators only. If you don’t already have a “library card,” register today. It takes only a few minutes.

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