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STEAM TURBINE Vendor Breakout Presentations Siemens Energy

Advanced crack detection in free-standing steam-turbine blades

The risk of steam-turbine blade flutter increases at low loads and vibration monitoring can detect this condition, thereby allowing owner/operators to take corrective action with the goal of maximizing fatigue life. Think of this presentation as a primer on how blade vibration monitoring is implemented. It also discusses a proven technique developed by Siemens to detect cracks in free-standing blades.

Lifecycle maintenance planning and execution for reliability and cost control

The second presentation made in the Siemens breakout explained the company’s bid strategy and outage planning. The key message here was to begin planning as early as possible and engage the OEM’s experts, and others, to assist in decision-making.

Neither of the Siemens presentations is available on the PowerUsers website. Siemens owner/operators should contact the service representative for their plants regarding information on how to obtain a copy.

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