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Steam Turbine Users Group : Nord-Lock, Inc.


Solutions for D/11 Closure System, Coupling Bolts and Casing Tensioners

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 @ 3pm and 3:30pm EST

Presentation Synopsis

User will have the opportunity to learn about the solutions Nord-Lock Group offers for steam turbines. Adrian will discuss the Boltight D/11 closure system solution and casing tensioners and how the Group’s products can help with casing leak issues. Steve will discuss the EzFit coupling bolt solution and the benefits of using these bolts.

Key Takeaways for Users

– The various solutions Nord-Lock Group offers for the Power Generation industry

– EzFit benefits: reduced downtime, accurate radial force, safer installation and achieve preload with handtools

– D/11 Closure System Solution benefits: reduced maintenance costs, minimized time for accurate, damage-free bolting procedures, reduced downtime (takes the tops on/tops off process from possibly several days to several hours)

– Casing tensioner benefits: reduced downtime, accuracy of tensioners and lightweight and simple to use tools


Steve Busalacchi, Global Product Manager, Superbolt

Steve Busalacchi graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with Superbolt Inc. (part of the Nord-Lock Group) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA for over 25 years. Currently serving as Global Product Manager, Steve Busalacchi has been heavily involved in addressing bolting issues and providing solutions to customers.

Adrian Price, Sales Director, Tensioners

Originally from the United Kingdom, Adrian relocated to the United States to work in the US market for his former company. He has worked with hydraulic tensioning for 23+ years, with experience involving OEMs, end users and contractors across many market segments. Currently, Adrian serves as the Sales Director, Tensioning for the Americas region for the Nord-Lock Group.

Jeremy Hersom, Business Development – Power Generation

Jeremy Hersom serves as the Sales/Business Development representative for Nord-Lock Group, focusing on the Power Generation industry. Jeremy’s focus areas include gas turbines, steam turbines and generators. He has over 20 years of experience in the Power Generation industry, holding roles in field service, project management and operations management.


Jeremy Hersom
Sales/Business Development – Power Generation

About Nord-Lock, Inc.

Nord-Lock Group is a world leader in secure bolting solutions. The Group offers a wide range of innovative technologies, including Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers, Superbolt EzFit mechanical expansion bolts and multi-jackbolt tensioners, Boltight hydraulic tensioners and Expander System pivot pin replacement technology. With a global sales organization and international partners, the customers benefit from bolting expertise and the optimum solution for any bolting challenge.

Products and Services

  • Nord-Lock wedge locking washers
  • Superbolt mechanical tensioners
  • Boltight hydraulic tensioners
  • Expander pivot pin replacement system

White papers, spec sheets, brochures

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