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Vendor Breakout Presentations Groome Industrial Services Group

Keys to better AIG tuning and permanent sampling grid

Steve Houghton focused on tuning of ammonia injection grids (AIG) and the value of installing a permanent sampling grid before diving into related case histories that included financial benefits.

A clean AIG is important to optimal tuning, he said. Verify that valves are in working order and that flow gages on the valves are functioning. Having a permanent sampling grid solves the issue of blocked sampling ports and allows for a complete traverse measurement. Additional benefits: Sample without need for a manlift or scaffolding; tune the AIG faster and more precisely. Break even on the installed cost after two or three uses.

Case study 1: An AIG/SCR replacement project for a G-class combined cycle reduced ammonia consumption by 10% and cut ammonia slip in half (Fig 6). Case study 2: At an F-class combined cycle, Groome reduced ammonia consumption by 26% and reduced ammonia slip to 25% of the permit limit, saving $44,000 annually.

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