7FUG 2020 Live: EPT – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020 Live: EPT


Paradigm Shift in Turbine Lubricant Maintenance

Date and Time: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 @ 1:15pm Eastern / 10:15am Pacific


Matthew G. Hobbs is the Senior Chemist at EPT

Matt manages the company’s research, development and laboratory services. Before joining EPT, Matthew obtained his PhD in synthetic chemistry from the University of Calgary and was the General Manager of a National oil analysis laboratory. Matt is an active member on the ASTM D02.C0 committee for turbine lubricants, and committee member at ICML who is developing test questions for an upcoming varnish certification program.

Peter Dufresne is Vice President at EPT

Peter has worked for the past 25 years. He is a specialist in the field of lubricant purification using Ion Exchange resin technology. He is the author of more than a dozen published papers and actively presents at industry conferences. Peter has consulted for a number of turbine OEM’s regarding technical issues, and root cause investigation. Peter is past Vice Chair the Power Generation Committee at STLE.

Presentation Synopsis

The way lubricants are currently used is reactive in nature and in most cases does not address the oxidation of the oil. Filtration practices and the money spent to test and maintain these lubricants is focused on as little as 5% of the contamination present. It is impossible to be successful when you don’t have the correct tools for the job, and in this situation many users are focusing on the wrong problem.

Varnish is not caused from particles, yet we continue to use particulate removal technologies in an attempt to mitigate varnish. It is completely incorrect and users need to focus on the dissolved oxidation material that accumulates in the lube oil from day 1. This contamination is always dissolved in the lube oil until it becomes saturated, forcing the excess into varnish. The permanent and complete solution to varnish is to remove this dissolved contamination and prevent the oil from every becoming saturated. In this manner varnish formation becomes impossible.

This is where things start to get interesting….As you know, lube oil life is based on a 2-3x increase in acid and 75% reduction in anti oxidants. This normally occurs within 8. This is the paradigm shift is possible. A long term case study will be presented that shows full time SVR treatment over this same 8 year period where the original anti oxidants remain at 90%!. Acid number remains at 0.04, MPC has never exceed 1, with ISO particle 12/10/9. Applied over a consistent basis without exception has changed the way we can look at maintenance, lubricants, and our understanding of how we move forward. This new approach of using a lubricant, potentially for the life of the turbine, with conventional oils and SVR is a game changer. Existing approaches will be contrasted with this modern approach with ROI presented.

Key Takeaways for Users

Varnish is the result of insufficient maintenance, or using the wrong tool. This can be permanently eliminated using the correct tool. Low maintenance systems, correctly sized, <$5K per year operating cost with predictable results 100% of the time. Fewer oil changes, and consistent oil quality on a continuous basis.

Over 50 GE Case studies attached below on 17 different brands of lube oil. Results are always similar. Thank you for your attention. We are here to serve. As a starting point we offer complimentary Analysis and Comprehensive Assessment (ACE). We fully test, clean and retest your lube oil or EHC fluid so we can demonstrate exactly what we can do for you. Fleet assessments also available.

Submission form and instructions are at https://cleanoil.com/oil-analysis-consulting/


Peter Dufresne, EPT, Managing Director, pdufresne@cleanoil.com, 403-389-4104

Matthew Hobbs Phd, EPT, Lab and Research Manager, mhobbs@cleanoil.com, 403-450-1764

Curtis Skinner, Hypro Filtration, Regional Manager USA North, curtis.skinner@hyprofiltration.com, 812-470-7397

Richard Trent, Hypro Filtration, Regional manager USA South, richard.trent@hyprofiltration.com, 205-492-6666

Isao Ueyama, Plant Service Japan, ueyama@aps-jp.com, +81 78 334 0211

Hermie Cerna Jr. Eastern Resources Company Ltd Saudi Arabia, hermie@ereind.com, +966-54610-4332

About EPT

EPT are specialists in turbine lubricant and EHC fluid maintenance and testing. EPT are the inventors of ion exchange resin technology in the lubricant purification application. The technology sold as “SVR” and “ICB” has established a leading position in the world as a cost effective solution that works 100% of the time. This focus on achieving results for the last 25 years has positioned EPT uniquely in the industry. With over 1500 installations, EPT accumulates more experience in this field than all other competitors combined. We are not as flashy as the other companies but we get the job done every time. We support each customer with a world class laboratory and research facility that is 2nd to none. Our USA partner is Hypro Filtration / part of Donaldson which significantly leverages EPT’s technology with world class USA manufacturing, focus on quality, with a scale and reputation that is required to work with the largest turbine fleets in the world. These fleets have achieved documented cost savings of >$100 million. If you are ready for a different experience, we would be honored to replicate this experience at your company.

Products and Services

SVR Lubricant conditioning systems go well beyond varnish removal. They go to the heart of oil breakdown, reducing the harmful effects of oxidation. By removing this material on a continuous basis, you will never have varnish as the root cause is eliminated. In this manner SVR is also applicable to Steam applications where it controls varnish, acid, particulate, and demulsibility.

ICB filters have become the industry standard approach to manage EHC fluid quality. We bring together the best in filtration, acid removal, varnish control, carbon and water removal to maintain the reliability and integrity of these control systems.




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