BEST PRACTICES: Chalk Cliff – Combined Cycle Journal


RO system dramatically reduces chemical costs

Challenge. Our cogeneration facility was experiencing high chemical costs associated with the regeneration process of the ion-exchange demineralization units.

Solution. Plant staff collaborated and eventually decided on the installation of a three-stage, two-pass reverse osmosis (RO) system upstream of the demin units to extend the time between regenerations, reduce acid and caustic use, and increase water production.

Results. Acid and caustic costs were reduced by 72% annually for like-operational run scenarios. This resulted in an annual saving of $280,000 and increased demin water production from 200,000 to 9-million gallons between regenerations. The success of this project incentivized the installation of similar RO units at additional facilities within the fleet with similar operational and budgetary results.

Project participants: Edward Capehart, Charles Pezer, and Carlos Sanchez.

Chalk Cliff Cogeneration

Owned by Chalk Cliff Ltd
Operated by Consolidated Asset Management Services
50-MW, gas-fired, LM5000-powered cogen located in Maricopa, Calif
Plant manager: Edward Capehart

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