7FUG 2020: GTC Control Solutions – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020: GTC Control Solutions

Two Single Point of Failure Case Studies, Implementation of TIL 1524 and 1275: what you need to know. Bonus Track: Core-by-core LVDT calibration


Abel Rochwarger, Chief Engineer & Field Service

Provides internal and external technical support on industrial/turbine controls

Presentation Synopsis

Controls: Operational Tips through Case Studies, Lessons Learned from Implementing TILs

  • Single point of failure resolution case studies

    • Ambient Temp Thermocouple differential causes Not Ready to Start

    • Speed pick up spike trips the unit during start

  • Implementation of TIL 1524 on Gas Turbines – modified sequence (no software simulation)

  • Implementation of TIL 1275 on Gas Turbines – modified valve sequence


Key Takeaways for Users

Main Takeaway: A better understanding of the factors that determine a “Single Point of Failure” and how to identify them, and the “not-so-evident” aspects of the TILs that can only be learned after implementation.

Mark VI Takeaway: Participants will learn about previously unknown/undisclosed failure modes, how to detect if their Mark VI is potentially susceptible to it, and what their options are for avoiding future occurrences.

Mark V Takeaway: Participants will learn about two new GTC critical cards that will enable them to extend their Mark V panels lives.


Abel Rochwarger:
Title – Chief Engineer & Field Service
Email – ARochwarger@CallGTC.com
Office – +1914-693-0830 Ext. 401
Direct – +1914-299-2684

Samuel Leyton:
Title – Outside Sales: East/Europe/Services
Email – SLeyton@CallGTC.com
Office – +1914-693-0830 Ext. 215

Bret Stevenson:
Title – Business Development Leader: Mid-West/West
Email – BStevenson@CallGTC.com
Office – +1914-693-0830 Ext. 125

Jason Berry:
Title – VP Technology & Production
Email – JBerry@CallGTC.com
Office – +1914-693-0830 Ext. 220

About GTC Control Solutions

Founded nearly 20 years ago, GTC Control Solutions (GTC), formerly known as Gas Turbine Controls, positioned itself as the premier technology supplier of Spares, Repairs, Training, Field Services and Asset Recovery for all versions of General Electric (GE) power plant controls systems. Since then, we have expanded our support infrastructure to include several manufacturers, such as, ABB, Alstom, Bently Nevada, Fanuc, Honeywell, Ovation, Rolls Entronic, Siemens, Triconex, Westinghouse and Woodward.

GTC is a pioneer in the industrial controls industry providing a vast inventory of original and re-manufactured control boards and spare parts. We are built on a foundation of unrivaled customer service and value, allowing the end user to get the most life out of their equipment, even when “end-of-life” notifications have been issued by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

GTC Control Solutions is based out of Hawthorne, New York, with additional international service and operations in Argentina, Denmark, India, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

Products and Services

GTC expanded our scope to include more of the makes and models of systems you have in your plant. We have more of what you need in, ABB, Alstom, Bently Nevada, Fanuc, General Electric, Honeywell, Ovation, Rolls Entronic, Siemens, Triconex, Westinghouse and Woodward.

Testing & Repair – Our Test & Certification and Repair Services, available for many of the product lines we sell, include a detailed Technical Report and Warranty Certificate, with an unmatched certification period of up to six years.

Training – A variety of courses carried out by knowledgeable instructors and practicing field engineers. You have the option of predefined seminars or fully customized classes to suit your specific requirements.

Field Services – Health Checks for Turbine Control Panels, Excitation & LCI, Troubleshooting & Outage Support, TIL Review & Implementation, HMI or <I> Replacement-in-Kind, EEPROM Backup Service and NERC Compliance.

Asset Recovery – If your original system doesn’t have the current features you require, GTC can upgrade your technology to a more recent legacy system for a fraction of the cost of a new system from the OEM. However, if you decide upon an OEM upgrade, GTC can help you defray the cost by acquiring your pull-out system and spares.




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Unit 150
Hawthorne, New York 10532
United States

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