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Find parts, list surplus: Who/Why/When for PeAks

Who in CCJ’s audience would benefit from PeAks?

  • Engineers can look for parts that may be obsolete and parts may still be available through multiple sources through Paragon.
  • Planners can also find and utilize PeAks in situations that OEMs may not meet work schedules.
  • Maintenance can utilize PeAks for emergent issues for parts that may also not be supported by OEM or distributor lead times during outages/work windows.
  • Supply chain can also check PeAks for items they can purchase from Paragon from other utilities, Paragon inventory, or surplus warehouses to show cost savings versus going to the OEM.

Why would powerplant personnel go to PeAks?

  • Anyone can always utilize our PeAks database to find items that aren’t readily available from the OEM.
  • Emergent situations always direct solutions to the path of least resistance. We routinely find parts that are needed within 24 hours.
  • Obsolescence solutions through surplus purchases, reverse engineering, or utilizing other utility inventory.

When would a utility/IPP use PeAks?

  • When parts aren’t readily available.
  • When surplus inventory is available and can fulfill needs right away.
  • Cost savings versus purchasing through OEMs by purchasing overstock/surplus from other utilities.
  • Reverse engineering a component rather than finding an alternate solution/replacement and tying up engineering resources.

How easy is it to use PeAks? Watch the demo.

Ready to use PeAks?

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