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Combined Cycle Users Group: JASC Controls

Pitfalls to avoid for enhanced liquid fuel system reliability

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2020 @ 3pm and 3:30pm EST

Presentation Synopsis

Gas turbine fuel delivery reliability is a function three systems performing equally, liquid fuel, purge air and water injection. Each system has its own unique operational characteristics and challenges. The presentation provides an overview of the various components and unique design features developed for each.

Key Takeaways for Users

As the first supplier to provide both viable and economical solutions for gas turbine operational excellence, turbine owners will receive in-depth information which provides a roadmap for achieving reliability which provides “ROI” in 16 months or less.


Schuyler McElrath, Consultant for Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems

Schuyler spent 25 years as an employee of the GE gas turbine facility in Greenville, SC. He joined GE in 1981 as an apprentice in the” Technical Scholarship Program” and spent over two decades working in jobs related to manufacturing and test of turbines / auxiliary systems, domestic & international supplier development and New Product Introductions. As a Global Sourcing Quality Engineer, Schuyler was responsible for all functional equipment suppliers on both the auxiliary skids and turbines of various frame sizes manufactured in the Greenville facility. Coordination between engineering, suppliers and customers for resolving field warranty issues impacting the global fleet was also a primary job responsibility for over a decade.

Schuyler left GE in 2003 and started SMTC, Inc. prior to joining JASC; his consulting firm specializes in gas turbine auxiliary system analysis for the purpose of developing system reliability improvement design via new product and/or system development.


Schuyler McElrath,, 864-250-4332, Consultant for Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems

Marla Evangelista,, 602-889-3715, Sales and Marketing Manager

About JASC Controls

JASC Controls specializes in flow control product design/development for industrial gas turbine, aviation, aerospace and military applications.

JASC’s Engineering Department is highly regarded for its expertise in providing timely and effective solutions to the most challenging fluid control problems. Starting with the RL-10 cryogenic rocket engine and the SR-71 J-58 turbo-jet engine development programs, military and hypersonic propulsion research, power generation, clean energy, and the latest fluid management and control devices in support of the burgeoning US commercial space market, JASC has played an important role towards ensuring the success of these critical technologies.

Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in experience that is complimented with the latest analytical tools. Design solutions are accomplished through synergistic interaction between JASC’s system solutions design team, its customers and high-value vendors. Analytical software and simulation tools are utilized early in the design process to provide an exceedingly high success rate once a new product is ready for the verification/validation test cycle.

JASC’s laboratory includes a full complement of test apparatus providing a variety of test fluids over a broad range of pressures and flows. Environmental conditions such as temperature, vibration and shock are routinely simulated, and every new product is fully tested and qualified to ensure it meets all of its intended performance requirements.

Customer References/Work Scope

GRU: JASC worked with GRU to complete a system overhaul and upgrade to water-cooled liquid fuel check valves on their 7EA GE engines to provide reliable transfers from oil to gas.

Tampa Electric: JASC provided water-cooled liquid fuel system upgrades.

ATK: JASC provides high-speed, motor-driven pintle valves with electronic control for metering of high-pressure gaseous hydrogen and silane for ATK-GASL (Ronkonkoma, NY).

Calpine: JASC provides liquid fuel valves for Calpine.

Honeywell: JASC developed both single and dual-channel high-speed, motor operated pintle valves for metering of liquid and gaseous fuels and high-speed servo valves for active combustion control for Honeywell Engine Division (Phoenix, AZ).

Hamilton-Sundstrand Power Systems: JASC produces servo valves, servo actuators, pressure regulators, flow dividers, solenoid operated relief valves and fuel controls for Hamilton-Sundstrand Power Systems (San Diego, CA and Windsor Locks, CT).

NASA: JASC provides high-speed, motor-driven pintle valves with electronic control for NASA’s Hyper-X Hypersonic Experimental Research Vehicle Fuel System.

JASC provides fuel control components for Parker Aerospace Nichols Airborne Division (Devens, MA) and Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Division (Irvine, CA).

Pratt & Whitney: JASC provides servo-actuated, hot gas pintle valves with closed-loop electronic control for Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne (West Palm Beach, FL).

Rolls Royce: JASC provided an actuator and electronic control for the Rolls-Royce/ Liberty Works (Indianapolis, IN) YJ102R engine that will power the RATTLRS supersonic demonstrator vehicle.

Japan’s Seal Tech: JASC works closely with Seal Tech (Tokyo, Japan) to provide Niigata Power Systems with hydromechanical and electric controls for power generating gas turbine engines.

Tactair: JASC manufactures close fitting spools and sleeves for various applications and precision flow grinding for Tactair Fluid Systems (Liverpool, NY).

Whittaker Controls: JASC provides a proportional solenoid operated pneumatic servo with mechanical force feedback for aircraft bleed-air control for Whittaker Controls (N. Hollywood, CA).



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