7FUG 2020: Groome Industrial Service Group, LLC – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020: Groome Industrial Service Group, LLC

AIG Tuning and Permanent Sampling Grid


Jeff Bause, President

Steve Houghton, Sales Manager


Jeff Bause – jbause@groomeindustrial.com – 201-445-6100

Steve Houghton – shaughton@groomeindustrial.com – 201-445-6100

About Groome Industrial Service Group

For over 50 years, Groome Industrial Service Group has provided specialty maintenance services nationwide for several industries including natural gas-fired power generation, shipping, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and aerospace.

As a proven industry leader focused on the future, our unique turnkey services reduce harmful emissions, improve plant performance and extend the life of valuable industrial equipment. From supporting heavy industrial HRSG equipment and installing airplane hangar doors, to painting shipyard cranes and full-scale plant clean-downs, our experienced in-house labor teams have helped to establish Groome as the maintenance provider of choice.

Expert engineers and technicians offer suggestions, insights and custom specifications that help our customers set realistic budgetary and time-frame goals. Our focus on safety, attention to detail, dedicated project management and straight-forward communication is evident throughout each project from initial planning to successful completion.

Our philosophy is simple: provide quality, innovative services at a reasonable price.
We operate five distinct maintenance service lines: HRSG Maintenance, Refinery Maintenance, Industrial Cleaning & Support, Surface Preparation & Coatings, and Door & Mechanical Services.

Products and Services

We offer a variety of HRSG maintenance services nationwide. Our quality-driven methods have been value-engineered and proven effective. We have formed strategic alliances with industry experts and catalyst manufacturers to ensure that we offer the most widely-supported, comprehensive, turnkey service available. Our offerings extend beyond just the catalyst. Our focus remains on the entire life cycle of a complete catalyst system. Our HRSG maintenance services are complete turnkey with no subcontractors and minimal plant support required. Just let us know when your next outages are scheduled and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • SCR Catalyst Systems
  • CO Catalyst Systems
  • AIG Systems & Controls
  • Retrofitting & Installations
  • Boiler Tube Cleaning
  • Industrial Coatings




22 Audrey Place
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004
United States

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