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STEAM TURBINE Vendor Breakout Presentations Nord-Lock Group

Solutions for the D11 closure system, coupling bolts, and casing tensioners Adrian Price discussed the company’s Boltight D11 closure system and casing tensioners,

focusing on how these products can cut maintenance costs by reducing the time required for (1) accurate, damage-free bolting, and (2) the tops-on/tops-off process—from as much as several days to several hours.

Co-presenter Steve Busalacchi walked attendees through the EzFit coupling-bolt solution (Fig 4) and its benefits: reduced downtime, accurate radial force, safer installation, and the ability to achieve preload with hand tools. He profiled recent cases demonstrating the technology’s value in the field; plus, the preemptive steps plant personnel can take to minimize flange-bolt faults in future maintenance situations.


Users reviewing Busalacchi’s presentation will benefit from a better understanding of the principles of mechanical expansion bolts—what they are, how they work, and how they mitigate the problems associated with fitted bolts.

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