EthosEnergy Webinar: Improve Availability AND Reduce Costs? Your Data Knows How…

Utilize performance and predictive analytics to enhance plant profitability

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 5, 2020. 2pm ET / 11am PT.

Presenter: Brady Kirkwood, Technical Services Manager – Plant Health & Diagnostics (PHD), EthosEnergy

Today, maintenance is generally driven by a balance of periodic services for equipment and unplanned work as a result of alarms or outages. This means a small portion of the maintenance budget is spent on ways to improve performance. Performance related work typically focuses on expensive upgrades to the turbine-generators meaning common sub-systems of the plant are often overlooked and their impact on overall performance underestimated.

This webinar covers short-term (performance analytics) and long-term (advanced predictive AI) methods of how to identify degraded systems and provide quantifiable potential performance gains. Giving plants the tools to evaluate the cost versus benefit of individual system upgrades/repairs of plant systems is critical to improving plant performance with today’s limited maintenance budgets.

Presentation Takeaways

  • Understand barriers to improving plant performance
  • Recognize how targeted and predictive service work decreases reactive/unexpected work
  • How to leverage existing plant data to find hidden problem areas for improvement
  • Introduction to EthosEnergy’s Plant Health & Diagnostics (PHD) program

About the Presenter

Brady Kirkwood, Technical Services Manager – Plant Health & Diagnostics (PHD)

Brady has worked for EthosEnergy for over 11 years in locations both in the US and abroad. Over the past six years Brady has been in the Monitoring & Diagnostics Department as Lead Engineer and now as the Technical Manager for the Plant Health & Diagnostics (PHD) team in Loveland, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.


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