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Alarm Management: Proven Methods for Power Generation

Presenter: Bill Hollifield, Principal Alarm Management & HMI Consultant, Hexagon PPM


Poorly performing alarms systems impede the operator's ability to successfully detect and resolve abnormal situations, resulting in higher numbers of unplanned outages and operating at less than desired generation rates. An effective alarm management program increases the operator's situation awareness, reduces operational upsets and provides some of the data needed for reliability engineering.

Structured approaches to alarm system improvement have been proven successful in the power generation industry. Improved alarm systems consistently enhance the operator's ability to respond to abnormal conditions enabling operational improvements in safety, reliability, resilience, and compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why effective alarm management is imperative to improving operations.
  • Proven methods for achieving sustained alarm system performance improvements.
  • How employing alarm management infrastructure drives other advancements.
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