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GUG Vendor Breakout Presentations Nel Hydrogen

Advanced onsite hydrogen generation solutions for power plants

Dave Wolf told attendees that onsite hydrogen production is a safer, more economical alternative to delivered hydrogen for generator cooling. He explained, with an assist from system drawings, how ultra-pure, pressurized, dry hydrogen gas is produced onsite from electricity and water using the company’s Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyser (Fig 1). The compact system is easy to install and available in capacities to provide scavenge hydrogen for combined- cycle plants of any size.

Wolf went on to say that the required hydrogen storage capacity for delivered gas typically ranges from 60k to 100k scf at combined cycles maintaining inventory for both scavenge and regas use. Plants opting for a Nel Hydrogen system can either produce and store regas or size the system for scavenge gas only and have regas delivered as necessary.

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