7EA Users Group 2020: Certrec Corp – Combined Cycle Journal

7EA Users Group 2020: Certrec Corp

Winning Strategies for Managing NERC Regulatory Requirements


Ted Enos - President/CEO

A licensed utility engineer, regulatory expert, and CEO of Certrec Corporation, Ted has more than 30 years of direct nuclear utility operational and management experience. His areas of expertise include licensing, safety analysis, nuclear fuel, emergency planning, fire protection, environmental qualification, security, nuclear oversight, and regulatory compliance.

Everett (Chip) Perkins - Executive Director of Business Development

Chip Perkins brings his leadership expertise to the business development functions of nuclear and non-nuclear solutions for strategic company growth. Chip has more than 30 years of nuclear experience with leadership positions from first line to senior management with Entergy (Pilgrim Station and Waterford 3), Exelon Generation (Constellation Energy Nuclear Group), Duke Engineering & Services and Northeast Utilities (Connecticut Yankee). His background includes such functional areas as engineering, licensing, compliance, corrective action and assessment, emergency planning, and quality assurance. Chip has a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Michelle Thomas - Executive Director of Operations

Michelle has considerable expertise in managing a fast-paced environment while meeting the high expectations of customers. She continues to support the evolution of Certrec’s many web-based solutions, facilitates daily operations, and sustains durable relationships with our customers.
Michelle is responsible for the areas of Marketing, Customer Support, Special Projects, Electronic Documents, Quality Programs, and Operations.
Michelle received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma and her MBA from Oklahoma City University.

Steven Thomas - Executive Director Cyber & Information Technology

Steven is Certrec’s Information Technology Director. His curiosity about electronics and love of computers began in the mid-1980s while he tinkered with an old IBM 5150 at his parents’ house.
Steven received his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma and his MBA, with an emphasis in Finance, from Oklahoma City University.
Under Steven’s direction, all Certrec web-based products have been completely rewritten and improved upon. He also has overseen the implementation of multiple layers of redundancy and security upgrades. He has been a major contributor to Certrec’s ISO 27001:2013 certification, as well as the older ISO 27001:2005 certification.

Evans Heacock - Office of NERC Compliance Director

Evans’ more than 30 years of electrical engineering experience have included service as Senior Electrical Supervisor at South Texas Project (STP) 1&2, where he was responsible for electrical design and NERC compliance, principal engineer on the STP 3&4 new plant design, and supervision of the civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering groups at STP. Most recently, he has been Senior Project Manager responsible for DP Engineering’s electrical design work.

Laura Levisay - Office of NERC Compliance Project Manager

Laura has more than three decades of experience in all facets of commercial development, primarily in the healthcare sector and nuclear power industry. In her most recent experience as a Project Manager for DP Engineering, she was responsible for overseeing plant modifications at several nuclear power plants, including the development of engineering deliverables such as modification design packages, post-modification test procedures, engineering reports, evaluations, and engineering analyses.

Presentation Synopsis

In this presentation, listeners will learn what the essential steps are for audit preparation and completion that every NERC professional needs to know. Don’t procrastinate. Everyone needs to take steps early and consistently to be ready for a successful audit.

Listeners will also learn how technology can become their greatest manpower resource as it saves you time and money and can provide your organization a much higher degree of efficiency.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • 5 key steps in preparing for an audit.
  • Prepare personnel for auditors to visit control rooms, substations, generation facilities, and operations centers.
  • 5 must haves for technology to become your greatest NERC Compliance resource
  • Technology is a partner that can save you time and money.
  • Web-based solutions that are accessible through the internet are the ideal technology resources.
  • 10 functions to look for in an online technology partner.


Everett (Chip) Perkins, everett.perkins@certrec.com, 817-738-7661
Evans Heacock, evans.heacock@certrec.com, 817-738-7661
JC Culberson, jc.culberson@certrec.com, 817-738-7661

About Certrec

Founded in 1988, Certrec is a leading regulatory compliance and advanced on-line technology service provider. Certrec’s highly skilled, experienced industry professionals possess degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines—such as civil, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear—as well as in physics, communications, business, and information technology.

Certrec has significant expertise available in the realm of NERC regulatory compliance and can provide expert assistance in all facets of the regulatory process. Certrec’s Office of NERC Compliance staff assigned to this project have helped more than 120 different generating facilities establish and maintain NERC Compliance Programs. Certrec’s clients are located in the US and Canada, operating in all NERC Regional Entities.

Products and Services

Certrec, headquartered in Fort Worth, has established expertise in the area of NERC regulatory compliance, including TO and TOP. We also have advanced web-based technology solutions to streamline your compliance program. These applications can save you money and regulatory risk.

We have more than 45 clients for which we provide their entire NERC compliance program. We also have a long list of larger companies, including investor-owned utilities (IOU's) for which we provide focused scopes of work. Our IOU clients include PG&E, Southern Company, Exelon, and more.




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