7FUG 2020: MD&A – Combined Cycle Journal

7FUG 2020: MD&A

7FA Component Lifetime Extension


José M. Quiñones, P.E.

Director of Engineering for MD&A San Antonio Service Center, our Gas Turbine Parts Service Facility

BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Over 30 years’ experience working with gas turbine engines. Eleven of those years were working for the US Air Force in support of repairs of military engines. Most of the rest was with Pratt & Whitney, working with military engines, commercial aviation, and industrial gas turbines. Currently support the repairs and new parts manufacturing of industrial gas turbine components.

Presentation Synopsis

The MD&A San Antonio Service Center, our Gas Turbine Parts Service Facility, has over 20 years of proven expertise in repairing and manufacturing gas turbine components. This experience began with the repair of military gas turbine engines and transitioned to commercial aviation and industrial gas turbines. Our team has extensive knowledge for a range of gas turbine component repairs. This repair center has repaired over 1,200 F-class sets of components.

Typical gas turbine components operate to the OEM recommended useful life. Sometimes upgrades are performed in the gas turbines components and the old components become obsolete. Many times, we find components that were not repaired because no procedures or technology was available at the time of their removal. Currently there are many ways to fully characterize the conditions of these components and properly evaluate them in order to determine if they are candidates for a life time extension and to operate them beyond the OEM established limits.

In order to determine if the components are candidates for a life time extension, we need to understand if the parent material has the properties needed to operate one more service interval. We also need to ensure that the repair that will be implemented can also operate for one more service interval. In the process of learning about the components condition we also get to understand their failure modes. We use these lessons learned to design gas turbine components that are more robust in operation and more repairable.

In this webinar we will cover the typical limiting factors of gas turbine components and how they can be repaired. We will cover the steps used in implementing a life time extension and will show some case studies. Some examples of how new parts are redesigned with features that make them more robust will also be covered.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • We will cover the limiting factors of the industrial gas turbine Hot Gas Path components
  • Typical steps to follow when performing a life time extension project
  • Upgrades, modifications, improvements, that can be incorporated to ensure a robust life time extension on a component, including advanced coatings.


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