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Industry, colleagues praise The Clyde—most deservedly

If you don’t know generators well enough to recognize the name Clyde V Maughan, perhaps it’s time to learn more about them. We’ll show you how you can do this, pain­lessly, later. The Clyde, as he has come to be known, has been involved with generators throughout his 63-yr professional career, which began shortly after graduation from the Univ of Idaho (BSEE, 1950). After 36 years with the General Electric Co as an engineer and manager in genera­tor and turbine design and development, service, manu­facturing, and a variety of other roles, The Clyde opened Maughan Generator Consultants in Schenectady, NY. If there’s something he hasn’t seen or done with respect to generators, it’s probably not worth mentioning.

Let this be known as The Year of The Clyde. In 2013, Maughan has received no fewer than four significant awards, identified an oversight in an IEEE standard that has cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars to date, shared his knowl­edge with several industry groups as a speaker, and par­ticipated virtually non-stop as a thought leader for the globally acclaimed International Generator Technical Community™.

Most recently, Maughan was one of four recipients of the Combined Cycle User Group’s 2013 Individual Achievement Award at the organization’s annual meeting in Phoenix, September 3-5, where he spoke on generator issues for nearly two hours (presentations are available at Individual Achievement recognition is earned by industry professionals who have demonstrated excel­lence throughout their careers in the design, construction, management, operation, and/or maintenance of generating facilities powered by gas turbines.

Only a month earlier, The Clyde received a special award at the ASME Power Conference in Boston for career achievements as an engineer, mentor, and col­league. He addressed the august group on grounding issues in rotor and stator windings. The other awards:

  • IEEE PES Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award, for contributions to the design, testing, and maintenance of turbine/generators.
  • The first C V Maughan Rotating Machines Award, sponsored by Iris Power, for 60 years of outstanding contributions to the design and maintenance of rotating machines.

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